Agenda and Challenges for Putin's New Term | Hale, Orttung, Petrov, and more

PONARS Eurasia
11 Apr 2018

(RAD) Following Russia’s March 2018 presidential elections, this edition of the RAD focuses on what to expect in Putin’s fourth term as president. More specifically, the edition includes short commentary pieces from ten leading Russian experts that set out the agenda the Putin regime is likely to pursue and the major challenges it will face in the years ahead.

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The Beginning of Putin’s Endgame: Expect the Unexpected

By Henry E. Hale, George Washington University

Reforming Russia’s Court System: Fine Tuning Is Not Enough

By Ekaterina Khodzhaeva, North-West Institute of Management, St. Petersburg

Six Myths Exploded by the 2018 Russian Presidential Election Theater

By Robert W. Orttung, George Washington University

Putin’s Challenges

By Jeronim Perović, University of Zurich

Agenda and Challenges for Putin’s New Term

By Nikolay Petrov, National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow

High Wages as the Key to Technological Innovation

By Peter Rutland, Wesleyan University

Putin’s Fourth Presidential Term

By Richard Sakwa, University of Kent

Dealing with the Opposition: How Will the Kremlin Counter its Rivals in the 2018–2024 Cycle?

By Andrei Semenov, Center for Comparative History and Politics, Perm State University

Challenges to Vladimir Putin’s Next Term

By Denis Volkov, Levada-Center, Moscow

About Signals and Expectations

By Andrei Yakovlev, National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow