Biopower at Europe’s eastern margins: new facets of a research agenda

15 Nov 2018

(Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe) This special issue seeks to explore the perspectives of applying the different modalities of biopolitical analysis to four country-based case studies at Europe’s eastern margins. The ambition of this collection is to examine issues pertaining to national political, social and cultural agendas through the prism of the broadly understood biopolitical theorizing. This issue offers a peculiar outlook at the applicability of the concept of biopolitics for research in Central Europe, Russia and the Caucasus.

As objects of biopolitical inquiry, human lives are matters of different regulatory practices. Biopolitics, according to the French political philosopher Michel Foucault, is a set of regulatory tools and techniques aimed at controlling human bodies, and turning the whole set of corporeal / bodily practices into key elements of political argumentation. The contributors to this special issue treat biopolitics as an epistemic category, and a cognitive tool to help uncover many facets of the contemporary world that otherwise would remain under-theorized. [...]

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