Developments in Russian Politics (9th Edition)

PONARS Eurasia
25 Jan 2019

The 9th iteration of this go-to textbook on contemporary Russian politics offers comprehensive and critical discussion of the country’s most recent developments, providing substantive coverage of the key areas in domestic and foreign Russian politics. Ranging from established topics such as executive leadership, parties and elections, to newer issues of national identity, protest, and Russia and Greater Eurasia, it reflects the changing nature of Russian politics in a globalising world defined by ever-shifting balances of power. Building on the success of previous versions, Developments in Russian Politics 9 is an established text for modules on Russian politics. Its chapters can also be used as standalone or supplementary reading at various points throughout courses on comparative government and politics. Accessibly written, and compiled by an international team of specialists, it will appeal to both undergraduate and postgraduate students from across the world.

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1. Politics in Russia; R. Sakwa

2. Executive Leadership; P. Willerton

3. Parties and the Party System; O.J. Reuter

4. Parliamentary Politics in Russia; B. Noble

5. National Identity and the Contested Nation; M. Laruelle

6. Protest and Challenge; G. Robertson

7. Media and Political Communication; E. Mickiewicz

8. A Rule of Law?; K. Hendley

9. A Federal State; D. Slider

10. Managing the Economy; P. Hanson

11. Society, Inequality and Social Justice; T. Remington

12. Foreign Policy; V. Feklyunina

13. Security, the Military and Politics; B. Renz

14. Russia and its Neighbours; S. Charap

15. Russia's Political Systems; H. Hale