Regionalism and Identities in the Common Neighborhood: European and Russian Discourses

07 Oct 2013

(CEURUS Working Paper) In this working paper I will argue that the key factor determining the EU’s and Russia’s policy tools is their status of either insiders or outsiders in the region-making projects developing in the area of their common neighbourhood. Based on this criterion, I will single out four possible models of EU – Russia interactions. Each of them will be considered from the viewpoints of identities, institutions, and policies of major non-regional actors in specifi c regions. In policy terms, the paper questions the practicability of a one-size-fi ts-all approach to the common neighbourhood countries often practiced by both Russia and the EU, and off ers a more nuanced vision of this vast geographic area as composed of diff erent regions with diff erent degrees of institutionalization, mechanisms of cohesion, and policy agendas.

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