Russia Taking Stock on Monday After Hamburg

11 Jul 2017

(EDM) Last Friday’s (July 7) meeting between President of the United States Donald Trump, and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, was so intensely anticipated and so poorly prepared in terms of the agenda that its outcome remains broadly open to interpretation. The Kremlin judged it a success beyond expectations, particularly since it lasted 135 minutes instead of the scheduled 35 minutes (, July 7). Sensing Putin’s satisfaction, Russian commentators were eager to elaborate on the “positive chemistry” between the two presidents and to hail a “breakthrough” in bilateral relations based on trust and respect (RIA Novosti, July 7). For the Trump administration, the huge amount of media attention was in itself a major achievement, and the supposed acceptance of Putin’s reassurances that Russia had not deliberately interfered in the US elections presumably would fit a need to turn over that embarrassing page (, July 7). The preference for focusing on the future makes perfect political sense; but in fact, few steps in this direction were taken. [...]

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