Russian-Backed Luhansk Authorities Enlist Help of Local Cossacks

22 Jul 2019

(EDM) The authorities of the self-declared Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) are apparently seeking to extend their control over society in this Russian-occupied and Moscow-backed eastern Ukrainian region. As one notable sign of this trend, the newly created council of Luhansk atamans (Cossack leaders) recently met in a local government building. During the assembly, and LPR head Leonid Pasechnik, who was conspicuously in attendance, declared the intention to unite all Luhansk Cossack communities and strengthen their cooperation with the breakaway region’s authorities. Pasechnik declared, “This is a very important and significant event for our republic [sic]. I am sure that the Council of Atamans will become the platform that unites all the Cossack communities living on the territory of the LPR.” He continued, “[T]he work of our Council of Atamans will contribute to the development of relations between Cossack communities and the organs of government. I reckon that today it is very important and will have a beneficial effect on the social climate, the development of our republic, and, of course, on strengthening the defense of our country [sic]” (Dikoe Pole, July 12). [...]

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