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17 Sep 2018

Normative and Civilisational Regionalisms: The EU, Russia and their Common Neighbourhoods

The International Spectator, July 2018

By Andrey Makarychev


A Tale of Two Orthodoxies: Europe in Religious Discourses of Russia and Georgia

Ethnopolitics, July 2018

Co-authors: Shota Kakabadze and Andrey Makarychev


Russia and the EU: Spaces of Interaction

Routledge, July 2018

Editors: Thomas Hoffmann and Andrey Makarychev


Widening the World of International Relations: Homegrown Theorizing

Routledge, July 2018

Book chapter: "Unpacking the Post-Soviet: Political Legacy of the Tartu Semiotic School"

Co-authors: Andrey Makarychev and Alexandra Yatsyk


Русский мир | Андрея Макарычева

Video interview (in Russian), Replay LSM, August 2018


Borys Niemcow mógł żyć wygodnie jak jego koledzy, wybrał wolność. Wciąż myślę o jego motywacji

Interview (in Polish), Polskie Radio, August 2018,Borys-Niemcow-mogl-zyc-w...