Zhemukhov: Volgograd Attacks Probably Related to Upcoming Games in the Caucasus

PONARS Eurasia
30 Dec 2013

(WNYC Radio/The TakeAway) Two suicide attacks in two days in the Russian city of Volgograd have left over 30 people dead and dozens injured. The first attack took place at a railway station over the weekend. The second happened on a bus early this morning. No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which come less than weeks before the Sochi Olympic games, but suspicion has fallen on Muslim separatists from the Caucuses region who just months ago called for attacks against civilian targets in Russia. Sufian Zhemukhov, a visiting scholar at George Washington University, is an expert on U.S.-Caucasus relations. He joins The Takeaway from Washington, D.C.

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