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PONARS Eurasia 11 Dec 2017
(Herald Leader) A semi-retired Russian three-star general oversaw the cross-border movements of a rocket launcher used to bring down a passenger jet in 2014 over eastern Ukraine, killing all aboard, an investigation by a team of reporting outlets has found. The reporting team, made up of McClatchy and investigative websites Bellingcat (based in London) and The Insider (based in Moscow), identifies the general as Nikolai Fedorovich Tkachev...
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PONARS Eurasia 11 Dec 2017
(Buzzfeed News) The Trump administration has rejected a sweeping Russian proposal seeking a mutual ban on foreign political interference, three senior US administration officials tell BuzzFeed News. Russia first broached the subject in July, when one of Vladimir Putin’s top diplomats arrived in Washington with a sheet of proposals aimed at addressing a top concern of the US government: A resurgence of Russian meddling in the 2018...
PONARS Eurasia 07 Dec 2017
( | podcast) - Russian President Vladimir Putin will run for re-election next March - Russian political analyst Mikhail Troitsky says Vladimir Putin has indicated on more than one occasion that he would hate to leave his top position as Russia is going through "tough times." Listen (6.34 min.) ©  
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PONARS Eurasia 06 Dec 2017
(WP) It’s a foregone conclusion that Vladimir Putin will win Russia’s March 2018 presidential elections, so why is the Kremlin fretting about turnout? And how is Russia’s big business supposed to help get people to vote? Here’s what’s going on. Russia’s Central Election Commission is expected to formally kick off the campaign season sometime in mid-December, and Putin will probably declare his candidacy...
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PONARS Eurasia 27 Nov 2017
(NYTimes) For months, President Vladimir V. Putin has predictably denied accusations of Russian interference in last year’s American election, denouncing them as fake news fueled by Russophobic hysteria. More surprising, some of Mr. Putin’s biggest foes in Russia, notably pro-Western liberals who look to the United States as an exemplar of democratic values and journalistic excellence, are now joining a chorus of protest over America...
PONARS Eurasia 16 Nov 2017
(Eurasianet) The United States is stepping up its military aid to Georgia as Washington searches for new ways to encourage Georgians to continue on their pro-Western path in spite of ever-receding hopes of joining NATO.  Starting next spring, US Army officers will train Georgian soldiers on defensive tactics. The new initiative, to be called the Georgia Defense Readiness Program, differs from previous American military aid programs in that it aims...
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PONARS Eurasia 08 Nov 2017
(Gulf Times) Yesterday marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the revolution that established the Soviet Union, but you’d be hard-pressed to find an event in Russia to celebrate the occasion. A military parade was held on Red Square and attended by more than 7,000 people, Russia’s official newspaper of record, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, reported. But the parade was not dedicated to the revolution. It was instead dedicated to an...
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PONARS Eurasia 03 Nov 2017
(NBC4) The suspect in yesterday's terrorist attack in New York City that left eight people dead and at least a dozen injured came to the United States from Uzbekistan, but the country should not be seen as a hotbed for terrorism, experts say. Uzbeks have been involved in other terrorist acts, but most of the perpetrators appear to have been radicalized after they left the region, according to professors who study Central Asia. The country,...


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