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PONARS Eurasia 24 Feb 2017
(Pacific Standard) China has, in recent years, embarked on a far-reaching, oft-chimerical quest to pacify its restive far-Western region of Xinjiang, home to the predominantly Muslim ethnic Uyghurs. And now Beijing is busily building a “security state” in the region, according to one scholar on Uyghur affairs. This month, amid reports of heightened violence in Xinjiang, China’s push has seen tightened controls on movement and...
PONARS Eurasia 22 Feb 2017
(Charlie Rose) Kimberly Marten addresses U.S.-Russia relations on the Charlie Rose show with interviewer John Hockenberry. The discussion covers the Trump administration's handling of relations with Russia, the Ukraine conflict, sanctions, the Russian press, NATO, China's influence, oil markets, and intelligence leaks.  Watch Here (transcript available) © Charlie Rose 
PONARS Eurasia 09 Feb 2017
(CSM) The legal odyssey of Russia's best-known opposition leader, anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny, has been mindbogglingly complicated, full of twists and turns. Nevertheless, experts say, it has wound up with a simple and totally predictable political result. Thanks to a regional court's ruling Wednesday that upheld Mr. Navalny's embezzlement conviction and handed him a five-year suspended sentence, it will be almost impossible...
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PONARS Eurasia 06 Feb 2017
(Al Jazeera) In the past week, eastern Ukraine has suffered some of the heaviest fighting seen for a long time. Heavy artillery fire, a car bomb explosion and other ceasefire violations coincided with a phone call between US President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, his Russian counterpart. The two leaders discussed how to mend relations between the US and Russia. US senators and analysts are wondering whether the surge in fighting is the Kremlin...
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PONARS Eurasia 27 Jan 2017
(CSM) Less than a year after a baby step forward to protect women from domestic violence, Russia is taking a bigger step backward. That's the view of women's rights advocates after the conservative-dominated State Duma, the lower house of parliament, overwhelmingly approved legislation that effectively decriminalizes "first offense" domestic violence, which is virtually certain to be adopted in its final reading Friday. The legal...
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PONARS Eurasia 23 Jan 2017
(NYTimes) — Turkey has courted Africa for more than a decade, boosting trade, opening more than two dozen new embassies and Turkish Airlines routes and dispatching aid to conflict-torn Somalia. More recently, the Turkish government lobbied African nations to close or take over local schools linked to Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, accused by Turkey of masterminding a failed coup attempt last year. So while Turkish President Recep Tayyip...
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PONARS Eurasia 19 Jan 2017
(Russia Direct) Hundreds of Russians took to the streets last week in central St. Petersburg to protest a controversial decision of the local authorities to hand over an important city landmark, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site and an important museum since 1917, to the Russian Orthodox Church. In the minds of many Russians, the takeover sends a symbolic message to society: the Kremlin plans to step up its policy of...
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PONARS Eurasia 19 Jan 2017
(ECFR) Ukraine's prospects are under threat from developments on both sides of the Atlantic. Something is stirring in Ukraine. The most obvious cause is Donald Trump’s imminent inauguration on 20 January, and the widespread fear in Kyiv that his push for some kind of Yalta 2.0 agreement with Russia will be at Ukraine’s expense. But another parallel cause is the fear that the European Union is losing interest in Ukraine. After Dutch...


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