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16 Jun 2016

(VICE) As the conflict in Ukraine continues, so too does Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial of any Russian involvement. But a recent report from think tank the Atlantic Council used open source information and social media to find evidence of Russian troops across the border.

03 Feb 2016

(VICE) Moldovans have been protesting against their government for months. They allege that their leaders are deeply corrupted after a billion-dollar banking scandal hit the country in 2015. The former prime minister, Vlad Filat, was arrested and detained for suspected involvement. Pro-European and pro-Russian parties are working together to lead the protests. They demand that the prime minister step down, and that the government hold early elections.

20 Jan 2016

(AL JAZEERA ENGLISH) In October 2015 a presidential election was held in Belarus. It wasn't a convincing contest and few thought that victory would go to anyone other than the man who had ruled the country for the past two decades. With an economy in tatters and a chilling charge list of human rights violations against his name, Alexander Lukashenko has long presided over Europe's closest equivalent to North Korea.

04 Nov 2015

(VICE) In July 2015, Russia-backed forces moved the boundary fence between Russian-occupied South Ossetia and Georgia — placing more Georgian territory under Russian control. Georgians refer to this as the creeping occupation, and several people who unfortunately live in the area now have a different citizenship.

25 Oct 2015

(THREAD AND ANCHOR FILMS) A HYBRID WAR is a 30-minute short documentary that attempts to explain the so-called hybridization, or "hybrid war," of the Ukraine conflict since the Euromaidan protests in 2014. This is an excerpt proceeding a lengthier film coming this Spring.

18 Oct 2015

(UKRAINE TODAY) We're on our way to a secret location just outside the Belarus capital Minsk. In this nondescript small-storey building is a makeshift school where all the classes are taught in Belarusian, a language which was outlawed by the communists during Soviet times and marginalized in recent years.

14 Sep 2015

(HROMADSKE) As Moldova experiencing the biggest peaceful uprising in its history, German independent journalist Pavel Lokshin joins us to help make sense of it. During first weeks of September 2015 tens of thousands people showed up on the square near local government headquarters in Chisnau in a protest against rampant corruption.

24 Jul 2015

(VICE) In the wake of events in Ukraine, NATO has turned its attention towards countries that border the Russian Federation — attempting to boost its quick-response capabilities in Europe. In September, the alliance agreed to create a 5,000-strong rapid reaction Spearhead Force, which will be capable of deploying across the continent within 48-hours of a military incursion.

18 May 2015

(SONY PICTURES) On the outskirts of a small coastal town in the Barents Sea, where whales sometimes come to its bay, lives an ordinary family: Nikolai (Aleksey Serebryakov), his wife Lilya (Elena Lyadova) and their teenage son Roma. The family is haunted by a local corrupted mayor (Roman Madyanov), who is trying to take away the land, a house and a small auto repair shop from Nikolai.