Digital Resources

17 Feb 2012

(NEWEURASIA) Official Turkmen media coverage of the fraudulent presidential election. Original translations by myself and a fellow citizen-journalist for NewEurasia.

19 Jan 2012

(MONDAY PRODUCTION) Putin's Kiss is a 2012 documentary, directed by Lise Birk Pedersen, about Russian youth activist Masha Drokova and her experiences with the youth organisation Nashi.

18 Jan 2012

(BBC) Lenin's Children a new 45-minute BBC Persian/BBCUZBEK.COM/ documentary looking at life in Tajikistan twenty years after independence from the USSR. Once one of the smallest and poorest Soviet republics, Tajikistan has gone from Communism to capitalism, and from atheism to a rediscovery of Islam. Khayrullo Fayz, returns to his home village in the north of the country to find out how life has changed.

17 Aug 2010

(HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH) For four days in June 2010, violence engulfed southern Kyrgyzstan, as ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks clashed, leaving hundreds of people dead, thousands homeless, and entire Uzbek neighborhoods burned to the ground.

01 Dec 2009

(EURONEWS) Video about Nagorno-Karabakh. In Russian.

05 Feb 2009

(DEUTSCHE WELLE) Our journey begins in Blindesti, a little village on the Moldava-Romania border. People here live in grinding poverty. They used to work as migrant labor in Romania, but since Romania joined the EU, they have needed visas. In the special economic zone Ungheni,at least there are a few companies. But the pay is around 150 euros a month. Moldova's capital, Chisinau, displays unmistakable traces of the Soviet past. The future is uncertain, and young people are leaving their country.

01 Feb 2009

(DEUTSCHE WELLE) Latvia: Anti-Government Protests According to the EU's latest economic forecasts, Latvia's economic output is set to shrink by 6.9 percent - the worst drop of any EU state. Many Latvians have little faith that Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis will be able to cope with the crisis, with tens of thousands taking to the streets of Riga in January to protest against the government's response to the deepening recession and widespread corruption.

09 Jan 2009

(BUREAU FOR INTERNATIONAL REPORTING) Expanded reporting on US/Georgia relationship, Russia/Georgia war and disputed territory of Abkhazia.

03 Jan 2009

(AL JAZEERA) People & Power - Rearming the Caucasus - Explosive rhetoric raises prospects of a new era of conflict in the region. Last year's war between Russia and Georgia raised the prospect of a new era of crisis and confrontation in the Caucasus. While those tensions have eased momentarily, across the region potentially dangerous problems continue to cause concern. For over 20 years Armenia and Azerbaijan have been quarreling over the status of Nagorno-Karabakh.