Membership | Ученые

Member Name Affiliation Expertise
Şener Aktürk Koç University, Istanbul Comparative Politics, Ethnic Politics, Institutions, Nationalism, Religion, Germany, Russia, Turkey
Mikhail Alexseev San Diego State University Russia, Caucasus, Politics, Migration, Ethnicity
Hilary Appel Claremont McKenna College Political Economy, Comparative Politics, East Europe, international political economy, Russia, Central Europe, German Reunification
Richard Arnold Muskingum University Comparative Politics, International Relations, Nationalism, Cossack Movements, Ethnic Violence, Hate Crimes
Pavel Baev Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) Russia, Military Reform, Caucasus, Central Asia, Energy, NATO
Andrew Barnes Kent State University Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Oil & Gas
Eiki Berg University of Tartu, Estonia Critical Geopolitics, Sovereignty and Territoriality Issues, Secessionist Conflicts, De Facto States in Eurasia
Irina Busygina Higher School of Economics, Moscow Russia-EU Relations, Russian Politics, Russian Foreign policy, Comparative Federalism and Regionalism
Samuel Charap RAND Corporation Caucasus, Russia, Ukraine, Institutions, U.S. Foreign Policy, Conflict
Kathleen Collins University of Minnesota Democratization, Politics, Identity, Islam, Ethnic Politics
Alexander Cooley Barnard College, Columbia University Central Asia, Military Reform, Institutions, Human Rights
Stephen Crowley Oberlin College Politics, Russian and East European Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies
Keith Darden American University CIS, Institutions, Ideology, Corruption, Politics
Georgi Derluguian New York University Abu Dhabi Revolutions, Social Change, Ethnography, Caucasus, Russia, Nationalism, Civil Society, Religion
Jesse Driscoll University of California San Diego Warlords and Coalition Politics in Post-Soviet States, Central Asia, Caucasus, Russian-Speaking World
Volodymyr Dubovyk Mechnikov National University, Odessa Ukraine, Transatlantic Relations, EU
Dinissa Duvanova Lehigh University Political Economy, Business-State Relations, Interest Groups, East-Central Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Digitally-Enabled Forms of Political Participation
Emil Dzhuraev OSCE Academy in Bishkek Political Institutions and Processes, Central Asian Politics
Mikhail Filippov Binghamton University (SUNY) Comparative Federalism, Intergovernmental Relations, European Politics, European Union Institutions, Democratic Transitions, East-Central European and Post-Soviet Politics
Eugene Finkel Johns Hopkins University Politics, Violence, Genocide, Holocaust, Central and Eastern Europe, Israel
Oleksandr Fisun Kharkiv National University Ukraine, Nationalism, Comparative Politics
Timothy Frye Columbia University Foreign Policy, Property Rights, Rule of Law, Financial Markets
Jordan Gans-Morse Northwestern University Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Rule of Law, Property Rights, Clientelism, Corruption
George Gavrilis Independent Consultant International Relations, Boundaries, Higher Education, Oral History, Middle East, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Turkey
Scott Gehlbach University of Chicago Economic Reform, Authoritarianism, Political connections, Accountability in Organizations and Government
Vladimir Gelman European University at St. Petersburg; University of Helsinki Russia, Comparative Politics, Elections, Corruption, Rule of Law
Julie George Queens College Ethnic Politics, Democratization, State Building, Caucasus, Eurasia
Theodore Gerber University of Wisconsin-Madison Sociology, Statistics, Demography, Migration, Contemporary Russian Society
Elise Giuliano Columbia University Russia, Ethnic Nationalism, Islam, Political Mobilization in Russia
Serghei Golunov Institute of World Economy & International Relations (IMEMO), Moscow Security, Migration, Higher Education, EU, Borders
Ivan Gomza Kyiv School of Economics Democratization, Authoritarian Regimes, Contentious Politics, Good Governance
J. Paul Goode Carleton University, Canada Nationalism, Ethnic Politics, Hybrid Regimes, Regionalism, Post-Soviet Region
Dmitry Gorenburg CNA; Harvard University Russian Military, Eurasian Security Issues, Russian Politics, Ethnic Identity and Conflict, Baltic States
Samuel Greene King’s College London Russia, Politics, Protest, Mobilization, Civil Society, New Media
Farid Guliyev Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany Caspian Energy, Azerbaijan, Caucasus, Political Institutions, Public Policy, Governance of Natural Resources
Henry Hale George Washington University Ethnic Politics, Federalism, Democratization, Political Parties, Politics of Eurasia
Stephen Hanson College of William & Mary Ideology, Elections, Political Science, Sociology
Olexiy Haran National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Ukraine, Regional Politics, Elections
Yoshiko Herrera University of Wisconsin-Madison Comparative Politics, Identity, Institutional Change, Post-Socialist Economic Transitions, Nationalism, Regionalism, Security
Erik Herron West Virginia University Political Institutions, Elections, Political Parties and Party Systems, Democratization, Ukraine
Edward Holland University of Arkansas National Minorities, Religion, Political violence, Russia, Caucasus
Olga Iakimova Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg Tolerance and Xenophobia, Attitudes toward Immigrants, Religion in Public Spaces, Emancipative Values, Media Discourses, Comparative Research, Quantitative Methods
Volodymyr Ishchenko Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Political Sociology, Social Movements, Political violence, Nationalism, Marxism, Civil Society, Politics of Memory, Far Right, Far Left
Alexander Iskandaryan Caucasus Institute, Armenia Ethnopolitical Conflicts, Post-Communist Transformations and Nation Building, Post-Soviet Institutions, Elites and Identities, Media Development, Migration
Debra Javeline University of Notre Dame Russia, Institutions, Public Health, Climate Change, Mass Political Behavior, Survey Research
Juliet Johnson McGill University, Montreal Post-Communist Financial systems, Russian and Eastern European Politics, Institutionalist Theories, Identity, international political economy
Pauline Jones University of Michigan Russia, Central Asia, Politics and Society, Foreign Affairs, Resources, Islam/Religion & Politics
Azamat Junisbai Pitzer College Post-Soviet Central Asia, Public Opinion, Survey Research
Barbara Junisbai Pitzer College Comparative Political Organizations and Institutions, Authoritarianism, Democratization, Post-Soviet Politics and Society
Shairbek Juraev University of St. Andrews, Scotland Development of the State in Post-Soviet Central Asia, Comparative Politics, Central Asia Water and Energy Issues
Kornely Kakachia Georgian Institute of Politics; Tbilisi State University Caucasus, Russia, Turkey, EU, Security, Politics
Nargis Kassenova Harvard University Central Asian and Asian Security, Eurasian Geopolitics and Energy
Alla Kassianova Stanford University Russia, Ideology, Nationalism, Technology, Russia's Foreign and Domestic Policy, Russian Defense Industrial Complex as a Political Actor
Irina Kobrinskaya Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), Moscow Russian Foreign and Domestic Policy, International Security, Military Reform, Civil-Military Relations
Natalie Koch Syracuse University Central Asia, Authoritarianism, geopolitics, Nationalism, urban geography, Environmental Politics
Ekaterina Koldunova Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) International Relations in Asia, Security in the Asia-Pacific Region, Regional Transformations in Asia, Russian Foreign Policy in East Asia
Mark Kramer Harvard University Russia, Eurasia, Politics, Conflict and Terrorism in the North Caucasus, Energy Issues, Cold War Studies, Archives
Andrej Krickovic Higher School of Economics, Moscow Theory of International Relations, China, Russia, Eurasia
Andrew Kuchins American University of Central Asia Russian Foreign and Domestic Policies, Central Asia
Sergiy Kudelia Baylor University Ukraine, Institutions, Civil Society, Conflict Resolution, Political Science, Historical Institutionalism, Post-Socialist Societies
Volodymyr Kulyk National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Language Politics, Memory, Nationalism, Media, Discourse, Ukraine
Ivan Kurilla European University at St. Petersburg History, U.S.-Russian Relations & Policy, Education
Tomila Lankina The London School of Economics and Political Science Regionalism, Federalism, Governance, Russia, India, China, Legacies of Colonialism and Empire, Democratization
Marlene Laruelle George Washington University Russia, Central Asia, National Identity and nationalism, Migration, Arctic Issues
Danielle Lussier Grinnell College Democratization, Public Opinion, Political Participation, Russian Regional Politics
Jason Lyall Yale University Afghanistan, North Caucasus, Russia, Ethnicity, Nationalism, Military
Andrey Makarychev University of Tartu, Estonia Russian Foreign and Security Policies, EU-Russian Relations, Issues of Regionalism and Federalism
Tetyana Malyarenko National University Odessa Law Academy Conflict Prevention and Settlement, Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Erica Marat College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University Police and Military Reform, Terrorism, Irregular Warfare, Organized Crime, Regional Security Cooperation, Eurasia, South Asia
Sergey Markedonov Russian State University for the Humanities; Russian International Affairs Council Caucasus, Black Sea Region, Russia
Lawrence Markowitz Rowan University State Failure, Social Movements, Russia, Central Asia
Stanislav Markus University of South Carolina Political Economy and Risk, Non-Market Strategies, Economic Development, Property Rights, Corporate Governance, Stakeholder Engagement
Kimberly Marten Barnard College, Columbia University Military, Security, Warlordism, Conflict Resolution, Counter-Terrorism, Non-State Armed Actors
Yuriy Matsiyevsky Ostroh Academy National University, Ukraine Ukraine, Democratization, Institutions, Informal Politics
Kimitaka Matsuzato University of Tokyo International Relations, Russia, Russia's Far East, Caucasus
Lauren McCarthy University of Massachusetts Amherst Law Enforcement Agencies (Police and Prosecutors), Human Trafficking, Post-Soviet Politics, Russia, Comparative and International Law, Human Rights
Eric McGlinchey George Mason University Central Asia, Civil Society, Islam, Comparative Politics, Central Asian regime Change, Political Islam, Information Communication Technology
Kelly McMann Case Western Reserve University Democratization, Political Economy, Local Politics, Corruption, Political Pegitimacy, Postcommunist Politics, Russia, Central Asia
Sergei Medvedev Higher School of Economics, Moscow History, Politics, Institutions, Russia
Viatcheslav Morozov University of Tartu, Estonia Democracy, Identity and Nationalism, Ideology and Discourses, EU-Russia relations
Arkady Moshes Finnish Institute of International Affairs Russia, Russia-EU Relations, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic States, Security
Jennifer Murtazashvili University of Pittsburgh former Soviet Union, Central and South Asia, Formal and Informal Political Institutions, Political Economy of Development, Decentralization and Local Governance, Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Harris Mylonas George Washington University Nationalism, Nation- and State-building, Migration Policies, European Integration, Balkans
Yulia Nikitina Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) Russian and Eurasian Security Politics in Eurasia, Russian Regional Organizations
Igor Okunev Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) Linguistics, Intercultural Communication, Political Geography
Mariya Omelicheva National War College, National Defense University Russia, Central Asia, Georgia, Foreign Policy, Critical Geopolitics, Counter Terrorism, Human Rights, Democracy Promotion
Robert Orttung George Washington University Russia, Energy, Corruption, Institutions
Nikolay Petrov Higher School of Economics, Russia; Chatham House, UK Russia, Politics, Elites, Elections, Regions, Georgraphy
Sebastien Peyrouse George Washington University Central Asia, Religion, Domestic Issues, Relations to China and South Asia
Jessica Pisano New School for Social Research, New York City Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Property Rights, Nationalism, Ethnicity
Pavel Podvig Russian Nuclear Forces Project, Geneva; UN Institute for Disarmament Research; Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University Military, Arms Control, Nuclear Forces, Technology, Russia
Eduard Ponarin Higher School of Economics, Moscow Nationalism, Religion, Islam, Federalism, Russia
Grigore Pop-Eleches Princeton University Comparative and International Political Economy, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Extremist and Populist Parties In Post-Communist Elections, Historical Legacies in East European, Regime Change
Vladimir Popov Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute, Berlin Economics of Development and Transition, Economic Growth, Russia, China
Maria Popova McGill University, Montreal Post-Communist Courts, Corruption, Russia, Ukraine, Balkans
Scott Radnitz University of Washington Politics, Social Mobilization, Authoritarianism, Identity, State Building, Central Asia, Caucasus.
Ora John Reuter University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Higher School of Economics, Moscow Russian Politics, Democratization, Elections, Political Parties, Political Economy, Regional Politics
James Richter Bates College International Politics, Russia, Non-Governmental Organizations, Democratic Assistance, Feminist and Environmental Movements in Russia
Sean Roberts George Washington University Development, Media, Culture and Politics, Indigenous Rights, Central Asia, former Soviet Union, Uyghurs, China
Graeme Robertson University of North Carolina Russian Politics, Labor, Hybrid and Authoritarian Regimes, Civil Society, EU
Kirill Rogov Liberal Mission Foundation; Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy; Levada Center Russian Intellectual and Cultural History, Political Development, Post-Soviet History
Peter Rutland Wesleyan University Contemporary Russian Politics and Political Economy, Nationalism
Mikhail Rykhtik State University of Nizhni Novgorod U.S.-Russian Relations, Security Studies, Institutions, Ethnopolitical Conflicts
Anna Sanina Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg branch Sociology, Qualitative Analysis, Culture, Communication, Ethnicity, New Media, Identity, Public Opinion, Russia, Political Discourses
Edward Schatz University of Toronto Central Asia, Civil Society, Islam, Comparative Politics
Caress Schenk Nazarbayev University Immigration, Nationalism, Informal Politics and Administration, Russia, Kazakhstan
Andrei Scherback Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg branch Nationalism, Ethnicity, Elections and Electoral Behavior, Theory of Modernization
John Schoeberlein Nazarbayev University Identity, Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion, Gender, Community Organization
Andrei Semenov Perm State University Comparative Politics, New Institutionalism, Political Institutions, Political Participation, Social Movements, Contentious Politics, Public Spheres
Nona Shahnazarian Institute for Archaeology and Ethnography, Armenia Ethnographic Method, Economic Anthropology, Gender Studies, Russia, Caucasus, Migration
Gulnaz Sharafutdinova King's College London Russia, Politics, Society, Democratization, Federalism
Oxana Shevel Tufts University Russia, Ukraine, Migration, Refugees, State-Building, Citizenship, International Institutions, Democratization
Polina Sinovets Mechnikov National University, Odessa Ukraine, Russia, Politics, Military
Regina Smyth Indiana University Russia, Eurasia, Elections, Political Parties and Party Systems, Power Centers
Maria Snegovaya Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) Democratic Backsliding, Populist Actors (in East Central Europe), Russian Domestic and Foreign Policy, Russian-Ukrainian Conflict
Sarah Wilson Sokhey University of Colorado Boulder Business-State Relations, Comparative Politics, Economic Reform, Pension Reform, Social Policy, Central Asia, Russia
Nikolai Sokov Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non‑Proliferation Russian-U.S. Relations, Nuclear Command and Control, Communications and Intelligence, Missile Systems, Kosovo, NATO
Konstantin Sonin University of Chicago Russia, Economics, Politics, Dictatorships, Property Rights, Regions
Ekaterina Stepanova Institute of World Economy & International Relations (IMEMO), Moscow Armed Conflicts, Insurgencies, Terrorism, Violent Networks, Political Economy of Conflicts, Violence and Ideology, Peacebuilding
Randall Stone University of Rochester International Trade, Economics, Institutions
Kathryn Stoner Stanford University Comparative State Building and Effective Governance, Political Economy Of Developing Countries, Russian Domestic and International politics, Canadian Politics
Adam Stulberg Georgia Tech Eurasian Politics, International Security, Nuclear (non)proliferation, Energy
Oleksandr Sushko International Renaissance Foundation (Kyiv) Ukraine, EU, NATO, Security
David Szakonyi George Washington University Political Economy, Business-Government Relations, Post-Soviet Politics, Corruption, Authoritarianism, Clientelism
Brian Taylor Syracuse University Russia, Politics, Military, Law Enforcement, Security
Stanislav Tkachenko St. Petersburg State University EU, Economics, Russian Foreign policy, International Political Economy.
Alexei Trochev Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, International Law, Post-Communist Judicial Politics, Crime
Mikhail Troitskiy Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO); European University at St. Petersburg Russia, EU, U.S.-Russian Relations, NATO, Politics, Security
Joshua Tucker New York University Russia, Politics, Elections, Public Opinion
Judyth Twigg Virginia Commonwealth University Russia, Public Health, Demographics
Anar Valiyev ADA University, Baku Public Policy of Post-Soviet Republics, Democracy and Governance, Urban Development and Planning
Vadim Volkov European University at St. Petersburg Politics and Society, Europe-Asia Studies, Violence, Public and Private security, Mafia, Sociology of Everyday Life, Politics in the Cultural Context
Lucan Way University of Toronto Politics, Government, Ukraine, Democratic Transitions, Hybrid and Competitive Authoritarianism
Susanne Wengle University of Notre Dame Comparative and International Political Economy, Post-Soviet Transitions (Russia in particular), Food and Agricultural Systems
Elizabeth Wishnick Montclair State University; Columbia University China, Central Asia, Energy, Environment, Migration, Public Health
Alexandra Yatsyk Polish Institute of Advanced Studies Russia, Tatarstan, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Mega-Events, Post-Soviet Urban Transformations, Nation-Building, Identities, Ukraine, Estonia
Şuhnaz Yilmaz Koç University, Istanbul Turkey, Middle East, Globalization, Regional Energy and Politics
Ayşe Zarakol University of Cambridge Turkey, Rising Powers, East-West Relations, Regional Politics, Sovereignty
Margarita Zavadskaya European University at St. Petersburg; University of Helsinki Elections, Authoritarianism, Democratization, Protests, Mass Survey
Sufian Zhemukhov George Washington University Ethnic Politics, Politics of Post-Soviet Countries, Nationalism, Islam, and Conflict Resolution
Yuri Zhukov University of Michigan International Security, Political Communication, Insurgency/ Counterinsurgency, Policy Diffusion, Civil-Military Relations, Civil Conflict, Russian and Eurasian Politics