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Ekaterina Stepanova
Екатерина Степанова

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Ekaterina Stepanova
Екатерина Степанова
Lead Researcher, Department of International Politics; Head, Peace and Conflict Studies
Institute of World Economy & International Relations (IMEMO), Moscow
Armed Conflicts, Insurgencies, Terrorism, Violent Networks, Political Economy of Conflicts, Violence and Ideology, Peacebuilding

Policy Memos

511 Russia’s Syria Policy: The Hard Path of Military Disengagement
450 How and Why the United States and Russia Can Cooperate on Terrorism
450 Как и почему Россия и США могут сотрудничать в противодействии терроризму
421 Russia’s Policy on Syria after the Start of Military Engagement
421 Политика России по Сирии на этапе военного вмешательства
393 The “Islamic State” as a Security Problem for Russia: The Nature and Scale of the Threat
393 «Исламское государство» как проблема безопасности России: характер и масштаб угрозы
268 The Boston Bombings: A Post-Qaeda Take on “Lone Wolves” and “Leaderless Jihad”
268 Бостонские взрывы: «Одинокие волки» и «безлидерный джихад» после Аль-Каиды
228 Гражданская война в Сирии: Переходный процесс без интервенции?
228 The Syrian Civil War: Transition without Intervention?
199 Сирийский кризис и формирование внешней политики России
199 The Syria Crisis and the Making of Russia's Foreign Policy
190 The Path to a Political Solution in Afghanistan
159 The Role of Information Communication Technologies in the 'Arab Spring': Implications Beyond the Region
61 Does Russia Want the West to Succeed in Afghanistan?
56 Iran and Afghanistan: Cross Border Security Challenges, Conflict Management, and Iran-U.S. Relations
29 Radicalization of Muslim Immigrants in Europe and Russia: Beyond Terrorism
429 Russia's Middle East Policy: Old Divisions or New?
393 Illicit Drug Trafficking and Islamic Terrorism as Threats to Russian Security: The Limits of the Linkage
347 From Dubrovka to Beslan: Who is learning faster?
325 The Challenge of Terrorism in Post-Saddam Iraq: A View from Russia
322 Postwar Iraq: Policy Options for Russia
279 Partners In Need: U.S.-Russian Cooperation on and Approaches to Anti-terrorism
249 Russia and U.S. Policy Toward Iraq Conflict of Interests and Limits of Dissent
230 Separately Together: U.S. and Russian Approaches to Political Settlement in Afghanistan
201 U.S.-Russia Cooperation on Afghanistan: An Exception or a Model?
167 International Terrorism in the Southern Tier: Perceived or Real Threat to Russia's Security?
100 Western Policy on Chechnya: Rationalizing Relations with Russia?
57 Explaining Russia's Dissention on Kosovo

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