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Viatcheslav Morozov
Вячеслав Морозов

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Viatcheslav Morozov
Вячеслав Морозов
Professor, EU–Russia Studies
University of Tartu, Estonia
Democracy, Identity and Nationalism, Ideology and Discourses, EU-Russia relations

Policy Memos

554 Why Russia’s Strategic Deception Is Popular: The Cultural Appeal of the Trickster
414 What Is the Meaning of “National” in the Russian Debate about the National Interest?
414 В чем смысл «национального» в российской дискуссии о национальных интересах?
364 Казахстан и «русский мир»: Возможна ли новая интервенция?
364 Kazakhstan and the “Russian World": Is a New Intervention on the Horizon?
251 “Nationalization of the Elites” and its Impact on Russian Foreign Policy
251 «Национализация элит» и ее последствия для российской внешней политики
212 Пассивное большинство в российской политике: Всегда ли численное превосходство означает качественное преимущество?
212 The Passive Majority in Russian Politics: Can Quality Beat Quantity?
193 О шакалах и хомячках: Разделительные линии в российской политике и перспективы демократизации
193 Of Jackals and Hamsters: Dividing Lines in Russian Politics and the Prospects for Democratization
173 No Enemy at the Gate: An Unusual Election Cycle in Russia
152 What Happened on Manezh Square? Ideology, Institutions, and Myths Regarding the Anti-Migrant Riots of December 2010
134 Dmitry Medvedev's Conservative Modernization: Reflections on the Yaroslavl Speech
130 Modernizing Sovereign Democracy? Russian Political Thinking and the Future of the 'Reset'
64 Protecting 'Our' History: Politics, Memory, and the Russian State
20 On a Collision Course: The EU and Russia Revisit Europe's Recent Past
327 The Forced Choice Between Russia and the West: The Geopolitics of Alienation