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Ukraine at the Crossroads: Velvet Revolution or Belarusification

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The present Ukrainian electoral system is based on a mixed majoritarian/proportional system, with 225 of the Rada’s deputies elected in single-mandate districts (SMD) and 225 elected by party lists. In the March 2002 parliamentary election, opposition forcesreceived almost 60 percent of the party list votes while the two pro-Presidential parties who cleared the 4 percent threshold received only 18 percent of the votes. The public relations (PR) techniques used by Ukrainian oligarchs with the help of Russian consultants failed. (See PONARS policy memo 236). The pro-presidential groups Winter Crop Generation, Women for the Future, the Green Party of Ukraine, and the Democratic Union did not pass the 4 percent threshold. This election should be seen as an indication that the Ukrainian electorate has reached political maturity. [...]

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Professor, Founding Director of the Kyiv Mohyla University School of Policy Analysis
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