Episode 10

Assessing the terrorist threat in Russia after the Islamic State
Jean-François Ratelle (University of Ottawa) discusses the terrorist threat in Russia after the Islamic State, and, more broadly across Eurasia. 
PONARS Eurasia

Episode 9

How Capital Inflows Transformed Rural Russia

Susanne Wengle (University of Notre Dame) discusses her research project on how rising global prices for agriculture products have led to an influx of capital that has transformed rural economies in Russia. 

Susanne Wengle

Episode 7

Russia's Contemporary Global Media Strategies

Robert W. Orttung (George Washington University) discusses his research on the impact of Russia's international broadcasting strategy.

Robert Orttung

Episode 6

Any Hopes or Changes From Russia's Next Presidential Election?

Yuval Weber (Woodrow Wilson Center) discusses his manuscript "Designed to Fail: Patterns in Russian Economic Reform, 1861-2018" and future leadership dynamics in Russia.

PONARS Eurasia

Episode 4

How to Revise Foreign Assistance in Central Asia?

Sebestien Peyrouse (George Washington University) discusses domestic issues in Central Asia and how to revise foreign assistance to the region to increase its impact and counter potential destabilization.

Sebastien Peyrouse

Episode 3

Tug of War: Negotiating Security in Eurasia

Mikhail Troitskiy (MGIMO) discusses his new co-edited volume, Tug of War: Negotiating Security in Eurasia, which offers a critical look at the major international dynamics that are at play in Eurasia affecting peace and prosperity.

Mikhail Troitskiy

Episode 2

Regime Stability and Elite Corruption in Putin's Russia

David Szakonyi (George Washington University) discusses the resilience of Russia's authoritarian model under economic and political pressures.

David Szakonyi

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