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Episode 55

Between Apathy and Activism: Political Participation in Russia

Ora John Reuter (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) discusses why Russians vote in elections and why the authorities even care if people vote.

Ora John Reuter

Episode 54

Putin v. the People

Graeme Roberston (University of North Carolina) discusses his new book, Putin v. the People, co-authored with Samuel Greene (Kings College London), which provides insights into the role of personality and emotions in buttressing Putin's rule, possible post-Putin scenarios, and Russian politics more generally. (Also see their recent Point & Counterpoint article: "What Makes Putin Putin?")

Graeme Robertson

Episode 53

The Politics of Information Manipulation: State-Controlled Media in Russia

Arturas Rozenas (NYU) discusses how Russian state-controlled media manipulates information to influence politics inside and outside Russia as well as the understudied components of Russian propaganda.

PONARS Eurasia

Episode 52

Local Control and Worldwide Access: How Russian Elites Have Come to Use the Global Financial System to Defend Their Wealth

Igor Logvinenko (Wellesley College) discusses how Russia became so integrated with global financial markets and what U.S. policymakers should understand about how this "entanglement" affects sanctions policy on Russia.

PONARS Eurasia

Episode 51

Russia-EU Relations

Listen to Andrey Makarychev (University of Tartu, Estonia) discuss the dynamics of the "post-Crimean" Russia-EU relationship and how they affect geopolitics in the Baltic Sea region.

Andrey Makarychev

Episode 50

Soft Power and Media Effects in Russia’s Near Abroad

Hannah Chapman (Miami University, Ohio) discusses the effectiveness of Russia's media strategies in its near abroad and how they relate to Moscow's broader geopolitical goals in the region. 

PONARS Eurasia

Episode 49

Authoritarian Pluralism: Why Does Kadyrov Promote Customary Law and Sharia in Chechnya

Egor Lazarev (University of Toronto) discusses Ramzan Kadyrov's relationship with the Kremlin and why he promotes Sharia law in the Chechen Republic.

PONARS Eurasia

Episode 48

Surviving Modernization: The Revolutionary Origins of Soviet Durability

Lucan Ahmad Way (University of Toronto) discusses the spread of competitive authoritarianism in Eastern Europe, Russian interferences in democratic states, and the revolutionary orgins of Soviet durability.

Lucan Way

Episode 47

Law and Politics in the Post-Soviet Space

Alexei Trochev (Nazarbayev University) discusses his recently completed research project on judicial politics in Ukraine and his current research on criminal justice reform in Kazakhstan. 

Alexei Trochev

Episode 46

The Politics of Police Reform: Society Against State in Post-Soviet Countries

Erica Marat (National Defense University) discusses police reform trends in the post-Soviet region and why most programmatic reform attempts have been unsuccessful.

Erica Marat


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