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Episode 45

What Have We Learned from Putin’s First Year of His Fourth Term?

Kirill Rogov (Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy) discusses how President Vladimir Putin's fourth term will be affected by his declining approval ratings and economic stagnation. 

Kirill Rogov

Episode 44

Russia's Changing Role in the Post-Soviet Space

Irina Busygina (Higher School of Economics) discusses how the Ukraine crisis affected Russia's role in the post-Soviet space and the future of the Eurasian Economic Union. 

Irina Busygina

Episode 43

Russian Elites and Western Sanctions

Nigel Gould-Davies (Chatham House) discusses how Western sanctions are influencing the choices and interests of Russia's economic elite. 

PONARS Eurasia

Episode 42

Social Policy in Putin’s (Last?) Term

Sarah Wilson Sokhey (University of Colorado Boulder) examines what President Vladimir Putin has promised for his current term and whether he will be able to deliver on those promises given Russia's stagnating living conditions.

Sarah Wilson Sokhey

Episode 41

Ukraine’s "Civil War"?

Jesse Driscoll (University of California San Diego) explains why he believes characterizing the fighting in Ukraine’s Donbas as “civil war” might help settle the conflict, ultimately in Ukraine’s favor.

Jesse Driscoll

Episode 40

Putin’s Fourth Term: Breakthrough or Stagnation?

Brian Taylor (Syracuse University) discusses the likelihood of Putin achieving his domestic policy goals during his fourth term and the political obstacles that inhibit economic growth in Russia. 

Brian Taylor

Episode 39

HIV/AIDS in Russia

Judy Twigg (Virginia Commonwealth University) discusses the strategies the Russian government is pursuing to address the accelerating HIV/AIDS epidemic in Russia and why the situation should be of concern to the United States. 

Judyth Twigg

Episode 38

Beyond Ideology: How To Understand Conservatisms in Current Europe and Russia

Alexandra Yatsk (Polish Institute of Advanced Studies) discusses the nodal points of Poland’s and Russia’s collective identities and their institutional underpinnings as “illiberal democracies.”

Alexandra Yatsyk

Episode 37

Goals, Plans, and Indicators: How Kazakh Bureaucrats Implement the State Developmental Agenda
Dinissa Duvanova (Lehigh University) discusses "regulatory discretion and discretionary regulation" in former communist states based on her recent field research in Kazakhstan. 
Dinissa Duvanova

Episode 36

On the Eve of the Big Election Year in Ukraine: Winners Take a Toll?

Olexiy Haran (Kyiv-Mohyla Academy) discusses the political views of the candidates and potential avenues for interference by Russia in the upcoming elections in Ukraine. 


Olexiy Haran


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