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Episode 15

Hybrid Warfare in the Post-Soviet Neighbourhood and Europe: Tactics, Strategy, and Responses

Dimitry Gorenburg (CNA; Harvard University) discusses Russia's influence operations in the West, the relationship between Russia's growing military power and international status, and to what extent Putin single-handedly rules Russia.

Dmitry Gorenburg

Episode 14

The Transformative Potential of Women's Empowerment and Peacebuilding in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh

Nona Shahnazarian (National Academy of Sciences, Armenia) discusses women's political engagement in the peace process in Armenia and the region.

Nona Shahnazarian

Episode 13

Hot-Button Central Asian Border Issues

George Gavrilis (Independent Consultant) discusses his long-time research on the complex nature of border management in Central Asia, where five post-Soviet states created new border policies for the first time.

George Gavrilis

Episode 12

Pre-Revolutionary Estates, Modernization, and Political Contestation in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia

Tomila Lankina (London School of Economics) and Alexander Libman (University of Munich) discuss their research project on Pre-Revolutionary Estates, Modernization and Political Contestation in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia.

Tomila Lankina

Episode 11

Fascism, Nationalism, and Ideology in Russia

Marlene Laruelle (George Washington University) discusses her research projects on the semantic space of “fascism” in today’s Russia and in Moscow’s historical relationship to Europe.

Marlene Laruelle

Episode 10

Assessing the Terrorist Threat in Russia After the Islamic State
Jean-François Ratelle (University of Ottawa) discusses the terrorist threat in Russia after the Islamic State, and, more broadly across Eurasia. 
PONARS Eurasia

Episode 9

How Capital Inflows Transformed Rural Russia

Susanne Wengle (University of Notre Dame) discusses her research project on how rising global prices for agriculture products have led to an influx of capital that has transformed rural economies in Russia. 

Susanne Wengle

Episode 7

Russia's Contemporary Global Media Strategies

Robert W. Orttung (George Washington University) discusses his research on the impact of Russia's international broadcasting strategy.

Robert Orttung

Episode 6

Any Hopes or Changes From Russia's Next Presidential Election?

Yuval Weber (Woodrow Wilson Center) discusses his manuscript "Designed to Fail: Patterns in Russian Economic Reform, 1861-2018" and future leadership dynamics in Russia.

PONARS Eurasia


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