Maria Lipman & Sergey Chapnin
27 Sep 2018
Many among Ukrainian clergy and its government are anxious to gain full ecclesiastical autonomy for Ukrainian Church. The Ecumenical Patriarch appears willing to grant such status to the Orthodox...
Maria Lipman & Serhiy Kudelia
24 Sep 2018
Political scientist Serhiy Kudelia has studied the conflict in Donbas since its very early stages. In a recently published article, he discussed the possible approaches to ending the conflict. Maria...
By Maria Lipman with Natalia Zubarevich, Alexey Titkov, and Denis Volkov
07 Sep 2018
Moscow is Russia's wealthiest city with the largest concentration of highly-educated and critically-minded Russians. But the Moscow mayoral election is just as non-intriguing as all other regional...
By Brian Taylor
20 Aug 2018
Brian Taylor (Syracuse University) discusses his new book The Code of Putinism (Oxford University Press, 2018). Brian examines the political and economic governance systems that have developed in...
Maria Lipman & Artemy Kalinovsky
08 Aug 2018
Based on both archival work and oral history, the growing research on the 1960-80s development policies in the Soviet periphery offers a more nuanced picture of how the Communist regime managed its...
Ivan Kurilla, Sergey Ivanov & Adrian Selin
05 Aug 2018
The emergence of permanent history parks in Russia can be compared to the advent of Institutes of National Memory that operate in a number of former Soviet and Central European states. They are an...
Maria Lipman & Evgeny Gontmakher
27 Jul 2018
Maria Lipman speaks with Evgeny Gontmacher about the political and socioeconomic implications of raising the retirement age. Since 2012, Gontmacher is the deputy director responsible for social...
PONARS Eurasia
18 Jul 2018
The U.S. president probably expected to declare that he had a “very good” meeting with the formidable Vladimir Putin and had achieved what none of his White House predecessors had. Instead, Donald...
Maria Lipman & Aleksey Makarkin
12 Jul 2018
A century ago, on July 16-17, 1918, the Bolsheviks executed the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II, and his family. How is this event being commemorated in today’s Russia?