Maria Lipman & Evgeny Gontmakher
27 Jul 2018
Maria Lipman speaks with Evgeny Gontmacher about the political and socioeconomic implications of raising the retirement age. Since 2012, Gontmacher is the deputy director responsible for social...
PONARS Eurasia
18 Jul 2018
The U.S. president probably expected to declare that he had a “very good” meeting with the formidable Vladimir Putin and had achieved what none of his White House predecessors had. Instead, Donald...
Maria Lipman & Aleksey Makarkin
12 Jul 2018
A century ago, on July 16-17, 1918, the Bolsheviks executed the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II, and his family. How is this event being commemorated in today’s Russia?
Richard Arnold
26 Jun 2018
As Richard Arnold explains, hosting the FIFA World Cup has been a PR coup for Russia, mostly living up to official expectations (though with some caveats), and, at least so far, a popular success.
Maria Lipman & Alexey Miller
19 Jun 2018
A discussion with Alexey Miller about the transformation of "memory culture," on contemporary "politics of history" in Russia and Europe, and on the gap between "cosmopolitan" and more nationally...
Kirill Rogov
07 Jun 2018
A discussion with Kirill Rogov on the transformation of electoral patterns during the March 2018 presidential elections and the techniques to compensate for the demobilization of the electorate.
Marlene Laruelle
07 Jun 2018
Moscow's VDNKh tradeshow and amusement park has been hosting “Russia, My History," an enormous historical exhibit that deploys the latest interactive technologies in the service of the Russian...
Jean Radvanyi
07 Jun 2018
Putin’s long tenure has been marked by profound changes in the spatial organization of the country’s territory. Beyond some highly publicized episodes, very concrete measures have been taken to...
Yana Gorokhovskaia & Marlene Laruelle
07 Jun 2018
New independent municipal deputies embody the new face of Russian politics and confirm the vibrancy of Russian society at the grassroots level, helping to make up for the failure of state structures...