Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
December 1999 100 Western Policy on Chechnya: Rationalizing Relations with Russia? Ekaterina Stepanova
December 1999 99 Civil-Military Relations in Russia and the Chechnya Conflict Mark Kramer
December 1999 98 Chechnya: The Military's Golden Opportunity to Emerge as an Important Political Player in Russia Eva Busza
October 1999 97 Methods of Central Control Over Russia's Provinces, and Prospects for the Future Steve Solnick
October 1999 96 The Federation Council and Representation of Regional Interests Nikolay Petrov
October 1999 95 Dagestan and Chechnya: Russia's Self-Defeating Wars Matthew Evangelista
October 1999 94 The 'Yellow Peril' Revisited: The Impact of Chinese Migration in Primorskii Krai Mikhail Alexseev
October 1999 93 The Death of Arms Control: Popular Myths About What Russia Can and Will Do Nikolai Sokov
October 1999 92 Russian Nuclear Forces in Ten Years with and without START II Pavel Podvig
October 1999 91 The Security of Russia's Nuclear Arsenal: The Human Factor Deborah Yarsike Ball
October 1999 90 Dilemmas and Tradeoffs in Russian Exchange Rate Policy David Woodruff
October 1999 89 Russia Since August 1998: A Political-Economic Balance Sheet Astrid Tuminez
October 1999 88 Russia and the Rest: Economic Reform and Western Assistance Randall Stone
October 1999 87 Evaluating Democracy Assistance to Eastern Europe and Eurasia Sarah E. Mendelson
October 1999 86 Food Aid to Russia: The Fallacies of US Policy Mark Kramer
October 1999 85 Lessons from Russia's Experience with Market-Oriented Reform Yoshiko Herrera
October 1999 84 Russian Security Policy and the Prospects for Multilateralism in the Asia-Pacific Alexander Sergounin
October 1999 83 Will We See a New Russian Security Policy After the Elections? Mikhail Rykhtik
October 1999 82 Russian-Ukrainian Relations After Ukraine's Elections Arkady Moshes
October 1999 81 How NATO's War in Yugoslavia is Making Foreign Policy in Moscow Theodore Hopf
October 1999 80 Access, Influence and Policy Change: The Multiple Roles of NGOs in Post-Soviet States Jeffrey Checkel
October 1999 79 Security and Rule-Enforcement in Russian Business: The Role of the 'Mafia' and the State Vadim Volkov
October 1999 78 Russian Entrepreneurship After the 1998 Crisis Vadim Radaev
October 1999 77 The Invisible Fist: Russia's Criminal Predators Against Markets and Themselves Georgi Derluguian
October 1999 76 Assessing the Impact of Elections on Democratic Consolidation Regina Smyth
October 1999 75 Revenge of the Administrative System: The Primakov-Luzhkov Silver Lining Eduard Ponarin
October 1999 74 Critical Political Mass: Russia's Emerging Party System Henry Hale
October 1999 73 The Eve of Electoral Threshold: New Challenges in Russian Politics Vladimir Gelman
October 1999 72 Russian Political Attitudes and Political Parties Bear Braumoeller
October 1999 71 The Dissonant Concert: US-Russian Relations in the UN Security Council Kimberly Marten
October 1999 70 Russian-US Relations in the Post Post-Cold War World Celeste A. Wallander
October 1999 69 Who Won and Will Win Russia? Michael McFaul
October 1999 68 Globalization and American Policy Toward Russia Douglas Blum
September 1999 67 Institutional Decline in the Russian Military: Exit, Voice, and Corruption Kimberly Marten
August 1999 66 The Spread of Violence in Russian Business in the Late 1990s Vadim Radaev
June 1999 65 Changing Rules for Russian Roulette? Rethinking the Soldier, State and Society in Russia Eva Busza
June 1999 64 Security Implications of the Russian Identity Crisis Eduard Ponarin
June 1999 63 Arms Control in the Context of Current US-Russian Relations Brian Taylor
May 1999 62 Russian Views on Kosovo: Synopsis of May 6 Panel Discussion Celeste A. Wallander
May 1999 61 How Kosovo Empowers the Russian Military Deborah Yarsike Ball
April 1999 60 Russia, Serbia and the West Redux Astrid Tuminez
April 1999 59 The Bright Side of Russia's Regionalization Alexander Sergounin
April 1999 58 Russia, Kosovo, and Security Cooperation Celeste A. Wallander
March 1999 57 Explaining Russia's Dissention on Kosovo Ekaterina Stepanova
March 1999 56 The IMF-Russian Negotiations and Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Nikolai Sokov