Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
December 2020 683 The Real and Projected Strategic Dimension of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Polina Sinovets
December 2020 682 The Curious Case of State-Driven Regionalism in the Russian Far East Ekaterina Koldunova
December 2020 681 Traditional Islam in Azerbaijan: Countering Fundamentalism and Consolidating Authoritarianism Ceyhun Mahmudlu
December 2020 680 Nagorno-Karabakh between Turkey’s Scylla and Russia’s Charybdis Nona Shahnazarian, Anita Khachaturova
December 2020 679 The Pandemic in the Arctic: Common Challenges from Juneau to Murmansk Robert Orttung
November 2020 678 The Power of Augmented Reality: How Narratives Impacted U.S.-Russian Arms Control Negotiations Mikhail Troitskiy
November 2020 677 Linkages between Experiencing COVID-19 and Levels of Political Support in Russia Margarita Zavadskaya, Boris Sokolov
November 2020 676 A Decade of Religious Education in Russian Schools: Adrift Between Plans and Experiences Olga Iakimova
November 2020 675 Turning Rivals into Frenemies: Shifting U.S.-Russian Trajectories at the Nexus of Global Nuclear Commerce and Nonproliferation Adam Stulberg, Jonathan Darsey
November 2020 674 When Revanchism Does not Equate to Revisionism: Taking Stock of the New U.S.-Russian Great Power Rivalry Zachary Paikin
November 2020 673 Securitizing the Environment: How Poor Coordination, Politicization, and Potentially Violent Responses Illustrate Russia’s Defense-Ecology Ties Emily Ferris
September 2020 672 Russia’s Hardest Working Oligarch Takes Talents to Africa Matt Maldonado
September 2020 671 A Very Belarusian Affair: What Sets the Current Anti-Lukashenka Protests Apart? Natalya Chernyshova
September 2020 670 Where’s Wagner? The All-New Exploits of Russia’s “Private” Military Company Kimberly Marten
September 2020 669 Russia’s Crumbling Power Vertical: Decreasing Disposable Income Drives Discontentment Maria Snegovaya
September 2020 668 October 2020 Parliamentary Elections: Georgia at the Crossroads Beka Chedia
August 2020 667 Soviet Legacy as Soft Power: Chinese Reception of Russian Political and Cultural Influence Marlene Laruelle, Wei (Josh) Luo
July 2020 666 Divide and Co-Opt: Government-Opposition Relations in Azerbaijan in the Wake of COVID-19 Farid Guliyev
July 2020 665 The Baltic States and Energy Security: How Else Can the EU Foster Their Energy Resilience in the Face of Russian Pressure? Gianmarco Riva
July 2020 664 Corruption, No Confidence, Poor Communication: How Governors Behaving Badly Will Impact Russia’s Regional Elections Emily Ferris
July 2020 663 Organizational Resilience: Russian Civil Society in the Times of COVID-19 Andrei Semenov, Vsevolod Bederson
July 2020 662 Do Black Lives Matter in Russia? Peter Rutland, Andrei Kazantsev
July 2020 661 Digital Technologies and Authoritarian Regimes: A Case of Pothole Management in Moscow Gulnaz Sharafutdinova, Nisan Gorgulu
July 2020 660 Authoritarian Learning: Making Sense Of Kazakhstan’s Political Transition Azamat Junisbai
July 2020 659 Nationalizing Russian (War) Memory Since 2014 Ivan Kurilla
June 2020 658 Love with Nuances: Kazakhstani Views on Russia Marlene Laruelle, Dylan Royce
June 2020 657 Under the Cover of COVID-19: Reverse Irredentism Rising in East Ukraine’s “People’s Republics” Mikhail Alexseev
June 2020 656 Russian Federalism: Informal Elite Games Against Formal Democratic Institutions Irina Busygina, Mikhail Filippov
June 2020 655 Team Navalny and the Dynamics of Coercion: The Kremlin’s Reaction to Aleksei Navalny’s 2018 Presidential Campaign Andrei Semenov
June 2020 654 Russia’s Syrian Predicament Grows Unmanageable Pavel Baev
June 2020 653 Designating the Russian Imperial Movement a Terrorist Organization: a Drop in the Bucket of Needed U.S. Counter-Extremism Responses Mariya Omelicheva
May 2020 652 Ukraine Rides High While COVID-19 Lays Neighbors Low: But for How Long? Ivan Gomza
May 2020 651 Global Cities Versus Russian Rustbelt Realities Stephen Crowley
May 2020 650 Russia and Digital Surveillance in the Wake of COVID-19 Paul Goode
May 2020 649 Video Surveillance and COVID-19 in Eurasia Erica Marat
April 2020 648 Post-Revolution Armenia: New Generation, Old Problems Alexander Iskandaryan
April 2020 647 Is Putin Emulating Azerbaijan in 2008-09? Modifying Term Limits Under Economic Uncertainty Farid Guliyev
April 2020 646 The Russian Power Vertical and the COVID-19 Challenge: The Trajectories of Regional Responses Regina Smyth, Gulnaz Sharafutdinova, Timothy Model, Aiden Klein
April 2020 646 The Russian Power Vertical and the COVID-19 Challenge: The Trajectories of Regional Responses Regina Smyth, Gulnaz Sharafutdinova, Timothy Model, Aiden Klein
April 2020 645 How Autocracies Build Regulatory States Dinissa Duvanova
April 2020 644 Veto on Peace/Veto on War: President Zelensky’s Donbas Imbroglio Sergiy Kudelia
April 2020 643 Masked Diplomacy: Xi and Putin Seek Advantage and Cover from the Pandemic Elizabeth Wishnick
March 2020 642 The 2020 Oil Crash: Is Russia Still An Energy Superpower? Peter Rutland
March 2020 641 Post-Soviet State Responses to COVID-19: Making or Breaking Authoritarianism? Marlene Laruelle, Madeline McCann
March 2020 640 Taming the Leviathan: How Russians Learn to Counter the State Andrei Semenov
March 2020 639 Why Would the Kremlin Root for Bernie Sanders? Mistrust of Mass Politics and the Outward Projection of Domestic Insecurities Viatcheslav Morozov
March 2020 638 Putin’s End Game? Henry Hale
February 2020 637 Decentralization Reloaded in Ukraine? Opportunities and Challenges for its Latest Local Government Reform Project Tetyana Malyarenko, Stefan Wolff
February 2020 636 Taking Russian Assertiveness Seriously: Letting the Data Speak Stephan De Spiegeleire, Khrystyna Holynska, Yevhen Sapolovych
February 2020 635 The Role of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow’s Syrian Campaign Dmitry Adamsky
January 2020 634 Explaining Bad Governance in Russia: Institutions and Incentives Vladimir Gelman, Margarita Zavadskaya
January 2020 633 Russia’s Response to Sanctions: Reciprocal, Asymmetrical, or Orthogonal? Adam Stulberg, Jonathan Darsey