Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Policy Memo # 308
Scott Radnitz 04 Feb 2014
The post-Soviet states have recently begun to excel in the nebulous world of global public relations. The elements of this approach to foreign policy include, but are not limited to, hiring public relations firms, lobbying local legislatures, wining and dining opinion leaders, and actively engaging international media outlets. The goals are not always transparent but may include attracting foreign investment, winning membership in international...
Policy Memo # 307
George Gavrilis 30 Jan 2014
Days after Moldova had initialed its Association Agreement with the European Union at the Vilnius Summit in December 2013, officials at breakaway Transnistria’s de facto Ministry of Foreign Affairs mocked Moldova’s bid for European integration stating, “The Moldovan leadership is in Brussels a lot, so they can become European quicker than the rest of Moldova’s population.” A ministry official also decried myths depicting...
Policy Memo # 306
Mikhail Alexseev 29 Jan 2014
When designing an opinion survey on immigration attitudes in Russia that a reputable Levada Analytical Center carried out in 2005, I included a measure of extreme xenophobia used in Eurobarometer surveys. In a Russia-wide multistage random sample, 680 respondents were asked if they agreed or disagreed with the statement: “All migrants—legal and illegal–-and their children should be deported to where they came from.” Close to 43...