Haran: If Mr. Giuliani is really in contact with these people... then he is ready to contact anyone to uphold his narratives

ПОНАРС Евразия
19 Mar 2020

(FT) During the partisan impeachment saga that convulsed Washington at the start of the year, even some prominent Republicans acknowledged they were uncomfortable with the way President Donald Trump created a parallel foreign policy structure outside the state department to deal with Ukraine. That separate operation was run by Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor who is Mr Trump’s personal lawyer, and was aimed at digging up dirt on Joe Biden. [...]

Olexiy Haran, a Kyiv-based professor of political studies, doubts their reliability as sources. “If Mr Giuliani is really in contact with these people, then it highlights . . . that he is ready to contact with anyone to uphold his narratives.”

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