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(Compilation) Pavel Baev: Russia’s Arctic Policy and the Northern Fleet Modernization, Institut Français des Relations Internationales (Ifri), August.George Gavrilis: Central Asia’s Border Woes & the Impact of International Assistance, Central Eurasia Project, Open Society Foundations, May/June.Vladimir Gelman: Putin’s Fear Strategy is Losing Its Edge, Moscow Times, July 12; Treshchiny v stene (“Cracks in the Wall”), Pro et Contra, vol.16, N1-2....
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(AP) See brief comments by Harris Mylonas, PONARS Eurasia member, about the situation in Greece and theories of state dysfunction at: AP, Washington Post, ABC News, and Time World.  
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(Wilson Center) The populist backlash against austerity measures may force Greece to abandon the euro, sparking contagion in other parts of Europe. Speaking at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C., PONARS Eurasia member Harris Mylonas examines the influence of local politics on economic reforms. Click here to watch (Wilson Center website).
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(CAP) The U.S. Congress in the coming months will consider whether to grant “permanent normal trade relations” with Russia as part of Russia’s pending accession to the World Trade Organization. Russian membership in the organization is a foregone conclusion, but U.S. trade relations with Russia would suffer if Congress balks at granting normal trade relations to Moscow once Russia joins the organization. Further complicating the issue is whether Congress...
(Valdai Discussion Club) Given the obvious challenges to normalizing Russian-Georgian relations, the year 2012 started off on a cautiously optimistic note. Last November, Russia and Georgia successfully concluded bilateral negotiations enabling the World Trade Organization to extend Russia an invitation for membership. These negotiations led to an agreement that provides a mechanism for renewed economic activity between the two states, if they so desire,...
(Russia Council) In an article for the Russian International Affairs Council, PONARS Eurasia member Mikhail Troitskiy discusses U.S.-Russian relations across issues such as the Russian presidential election, the arrival of the new U.S. ambassador to Moscow, NATO expansion, the impact of the color revolutions, and ABM issues. Troitskiy also looks into the future at scenarios for improvement in cooperation between East and West. Click here for the...
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(Caucasus Analytical Digest) See the following two articles: "Georgia’s Identity-Driven Foreign Policy and the Struggle for Its European Destiny," by Kornely Kakachia and "Georgian Foreign Policy: Holding the Line amid Uncertainty," by George KhelashviliClick here to see the issue


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