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Andrey Makarychev 27 Sep 2013
One of the most visible aspects of Russia’s path to globalization is the country’s hosting of large international sporting events. In July 2013, Kazan hosted the World Student Games (the Universiade). In February 2014, Sochi will host the Winter Olympics. A dozen Russian cities are preparing for the 2018 World Cup. We can add to the list the 2016 Ice Hockey World Championship in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as a Formula One race, World...
Andrey Makarychev 16 Jul 2013
"Thirty new sport complexes, a sports village, two metro stations, a shuttle line, airport and railway terminals, high-speed tram, eleven transport junctions ... ... brown scars on the formerly green Kazanka river banks, thousands of killed dogs, artificially-created enthusiasm from an army of municipal employees during the torch relay, teachers and other educators as forced volunteers, thousands of evacuated cars unduly subjected to suspicion,...

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