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Caress Schenk 17 Aug 2015
(Guest contribution) In preparation for Romanian and Bulgarian citizens’ full access to the EU labor market in January 2014, UK Prime Minister David Cameron proposed a new policy agenda that would reduce welfare and employment benefits to migrants from European Union member states, in contravention of EU principles. The proposal launched a debate within the UK about the ability of domestic legislation to counter EU treaty provisions. In light...
Policy Memos | Аналитика
Scott Radnitz 23 Oct 2012
The South Caucasus has inherited deeply ingrained historical narratives of being a pawn in games of geopolitical intrigue, from the Persian-Russian wars of the early 19th century, to the region’s forcible incorporation into the Soviet Union in 1921, to the Russia-Georgia War of 2008. In today’s Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, issues of national identity, territorial control, and geopolitical alignment remain unresolved while contemporary...
PONARS Eurasia 11 Dec 2017
(Herald Leader) A semi-retired Russian three-star general oversaw the cross-border movements of a rocket launcher used to bring down a passenger jet in 2014 over eastern Ukraine, killing all aboard, an investigation by a team of reporting outlets has found. The reporting team, made up of McClatchy and investigative websites Bellingcat (based in London) and The Insider (based in Moscow), identifies the general as Nikolai Fedorovich Tkachev...
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Policy Memos | Аналитика
“I am not risking my head when I promise to teach my donkey to read—in twenty years one of us will surely die—either myself, or the emir, or the donkey.”  - Hodja Nasreddin (XIII century) Challenges have been piling up in U.S.-Russian relations over the last five years. Confrontations—from arms control crises and Moscow shutting down NGOs to the Ukraine and Syria conflicts and sanctions regimes—will...
PONARS Eurasia 07 Dec 2017
Edited by Mikhail Troitskiy and Fen Osler Hampson, Tug of War provides a critical look at the major international dynamics that are at play in Eurasia affecting peace and prosperity in the region. Overview: Conflicts in Eurasia have been receiving significant attention in the last few years from political scientists and international relations scholars. The geographic area of Eurasia lies at the intersection of global and regional...
PONARS Eurasia 07 Dec 2017
( | podcast) - Russian President Vladimir Putin will run for re-election next March - Russian political analyst Mikhail Troitsky says Vladimir Putin has indicated on more than one occasion that he would hate to leave his top position as Russia is going through "tough times." Listen (6.34 min.) ©  
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PONARS Eurasia 06 Dec 2017
(WP) It’s a foregone conclusion that Vladimir Putin will win Russia’s March 2018 presidential elections, so why is the Kremlin fretting about turnout? And how is Russia’s big business supposed to help get people to vote? Here’s what’s going on. Russia’s Central Election Commission is expected to formally kick off the campaign season sometime in mid-December, and Putin will probably declare his candidacy...
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Ivan Kurilla 06 Dec 2017
(WP) ST. PETERSBURG — Russians are watching the unfolding scandal of their country’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. election with a mixture of amusement, pride, indignation and regret. For a historian of U.S.-Russian relations like myself, the steady flow of anti-Russian cant by the media and among opportunistic politicians is an old story that is repeating itself once again: When America is in crisis, Russia is the ready whipping boy....


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