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Caress Schenk 17 Aug 2015
(Guest contribution) In preparation for Romanian and Bulgarian citizens’ full access to the EU labor market in January 2014, UK Prime Minister David Cameron proposed a new policy agenda that would reduce welfare and employment benefits to migrants from European Union member states, in contravention of EU principles. The proposal launched a debate within the UK about the ability of domestic legislation to counter EU treaty provisions. In light...
Policy Memos | Аналитика
Scott Radnitz 23 Oct 2012
The South Caucasus has inherited deeply ingrained historical narratives of being a pawn in games of geopolitical intrigue, from the Persian-Russian wars of the early 19th century, to the region’s forcible incorporation into the Soviet Union in 1921, to the Russia-Georgia War of 2008. In today’s Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, issues of national identity, territorial control, and geopolitical alignment remain unresolved while contemporary...
Policy Memos | Аналитика
(PONARS Policy Memo) Southern Europe has been a new area of focus for the Sino-Russian partnership in recent years. Cultural and religious ties with Orthodox majority states have long given Russia a special role in the region, but China is a newer player. Although each country has its own independent reasons for engaging economically with southern Europe—for China, it is the destination for its Belt and Road Initiative, while for Russia, the region...
PONARS Eurasia 19 Jun 2017
Russia faced a new wave of popular protests on June 12 challenging the political status quo and denouncing widespread corruption. Contrary to what happened during the prior protests on March 27, the Russian government reacted this time by arresting hundreds of people, including Alexey Navalny, and hampering the structuring of street dynamics. Five PONARS Eurasia members, Pavel Baev, Mariya Omelicheva, Graeme Robertson, Tomila Lankina, and...
PONARS Eurasia 15 Jun 2017
(OZY) Picture this: Snow on the ground, laser lights and a faux Russian village, as the bride and groom are carried in a horse-drawn sleigh down the aisle. This is the stuff of royal weddings, pageantry played out for the people, and in Britain or Denmark or Monaco it’d be splashed over the front pages and talked about for weeks. But this snow-globe scene — allegedly the wedding of Vladimir Putin’s daughter Katerina to Kirill...
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Policy Memos | Аналитика
(PONARS Policy Memo) In the not so distant past, a large segment of scholarship concentrated on the possibility of institutional and normative cooperation between Europe and Russia. In a drastic shift, many academics are now analyzing Russia’s narrative techniques and their impact on EU member state political agendas. Central to the Kremlin’s efforts is the Russian World concept. It is a complex umbrella term encompassing a variety of...
Tags: Makarychev, Russia, EU
PONARS Eurasia 12 Jun 2017
(Ukrainian Weekly) Russia’s timeworn orchestrated efforts to denigrate Ukrainian identity and culture were on full display this week when a judge convicted the head of the country’s only state-run Ukrainian literature library located in Moscow for “extremism.” A municipal court on June 5 in the capital gave Natalia Sharina, a native Muscovite and ethnic Russian, a four-year suspended sentence for “inciting national...
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PONARS Eurasia 09 Jun 2017
The book by Robert Orttung and Sufian Zhemukhov, Putin's Olympics: The Sochi Games and the Evolution of Twenty-First Century Russia, will be open access for the next 60 days. The online access is shared by the authors and the Taylor & Francis sharing initiative. View the book (enhanced PDF) | Routledge  


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