The Coronavirus Crisis Undercuts Russia’s Geopolitical Ambitions

07 Oct 2020

(Eurasia Daily Monitor) The sharp rise of COVID-19 infections in Russia in the last couple of weeks was predictable given the relatively high “plateau” of new cases over the summer after the sharp peak in early May. Yet the escalation of the pandemic has apparently caught the authorities by surprise as the government focused on Moscow. Cases of the novel coronavirus in the Russian capital grew to a maximum of about 6,000 infection a day in May, before dropping to the low level of about 650 through the last week of September; but those numbers have now jumped again, to 3,300 daily cases (Kommersant, October 4). The data on lethality is fragmented, and the average figure for August was about 100 a day; however, the recently revised vital statistics give the total number of coronavirus-related deaths in that month at about 7,500 (RBC, October 2). [...]

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