Dubovyk: Saakashvili provokes either outright dismissal or endless praise

30 Apr 2020

(Atlantic Council blog) Saakashvili is a larger than life character who provokes either outright dismissal or endless praise. In reality, he is not so straightforward. As president of Georgia, he went from highly acclaimed reformer to soft authoritarian. His entry into Ukrainian politics in 2015 was seen as a promising sign for the country. Saakashvili’s appointment as Odesa region governor was a bold, unorthodox move that led to unrealistically high expectations. He was initially a good fit for Odesa’s outgoing personality and shook up the city, generating unprecedented levels of civic activism. However, it soon became evident that he favored grandstanding over methodical work and was more interested in nurturing his own ego than actual team-building or practical achievements. [...]

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