Greene: The most likely approach toward Khabarovsk is a strategy of attrition

PONARS Eurasia
03 Aug 2020

(RTE) Protesters have poured onto the streets of the Russian city of Khabarovsk for the fourth weekend in a row. Journalists estimated turnout at around 30,000 people yesterday, while the local city hall put the number at just 3,500, claiming there was "falling interest".

The rallies attract people of different ages, backgrounds and professions, but all of them are in agreement about the anger they feel at the country's President, Vladimir Putin. [...]

Dr. Greene said that there are a number of options available to Mr Putin, but the most likely approach is a strategy of attrition.

The Kremlin may simply hope that the protests will peter out. If attrition doesn’t work, he said, it may result in a more robust response. [...]

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