How Do The Belarus Protests Resonate In Central Asia? With Marat, Umarov, Safarov, and Pannier

PONARS Eurasia
14 Sep 2020

(Majlis Podcast) For weeks, people in Belarus have been protesting against the results of that country’s August 9 presidential election that saw longtime incumbent leader Alyanksandr Lukashenka claim an overwhelming victory that few of his countrymen believed was true. [...]

This week’s guests are, speaking from Washington, Erica Marat, associate professor at the National Defense University and author of the recently published book The Politics of Police Reform: Society Against The State In Post-Soviet Countries; from Moscow, Temur Umarov, a consultant at the Carnegie Moscow Center; from Prague, Tohir Safarov, a multimedia producer with RFE/RL's Tajik Service, known locally as Ozodi; and Bruce Pannier, the author of the Qishloq Ovozi blog.

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