Putin's Power Games | Vladimir Gel'man, Robert Orttung, Regina Smyth, and more 

PONARS Eurasia
14 Feb 2020

(Russian Analytical Digest) The topic of this issue is ‘Putin‘s Power Games.’ In it, eight authors from different institutions (Jan Matti Dollbaum, Maria Domańska, Vladimir Gel’man, Andrei Kolesnikov, Robert Orttung, Michael Rochlitz, Regina Smyth, and Andrei Yakovlev) comment on the recent and ongoing changes in the government and constitution of Russia.

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Controlled Confusion by Jan Matti Dollbaum, University of Bremen

Putin’s January Games: ‘Succession of Power’ on the Horizon by Maria Domańska, Center for Eastern Studies

The New Russian Government and Old Russian Problems by Vladimir Gel’man, EUSP/University of Helsinki

Planning for a (Not-So) Post-Putin Russia by Andrei Kolesnikov, Carnegie Moscow Center

Do Institutions Matter in Putin’s Russia? by Robert Orttung, George Washington University

Putin’s Plan 2.0? What Might Stand Behind Russia’s Constitutional Reform by Michael Rochlitz, University of Bremen

The Reality of Russia’s Constitutional Reform: Limited Institutional Change Masks a Profound Shift in Economic Policy by Regina Smyth, Indiana University

Waiting for Change? by Andrei Yakovlev, Higher School of Economics

Poll: Russian Public Opinion on the Planned Amendments to the Constitution