Snegovaya: The Kremlin is very averse to anything that has to do with revolutions | Greene: Kremlin propagandists don't need to spin this

PONARS Eurasia
04 Jun 2020

(RFE/RL) The screen depicts the Statue of Liberty backdropped by a cloud-specked sky, its outstretched arm and crowned head superimposed over the body of an American police officer whose knee presses firmly into the neck of a black man pinned to the ground and struggling to breathe. [...]

"The Kremlin is very averse to anything that has to do with revolutions," said Maria Snegovaya, a fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis, a Washington-based think tank. "That's because of the Kremlin's painful history with 'color revolutions' in Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and the fear of fueling similar sentiments domestically that will undoubtedly threaten Putin's hold on power." [...]

"When it comes to what's going on in the U.S. right now, the message sends itself," [Samuel] Greene said. "The Kremlin's propagandists don't need to spin this, they don't need to dress it up."

The problem the Kremlin may create for itself by fanning the flames and broadcasting graphic material from the U.S. protests, Greene argues, is that the protests and riots in fact demonstrate the street's legitimate place as a platform for people facing what they see as a corrupt, unjust political establishment to demand change. [...]

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