Symposium on Neighborhoods and Regionalisms | Articles by Andrey Makarychev

07 Apr 2020

(NPSA | University of Chicago) The introduction to this symposium opens a discussion on the transformation of the liberal international order through studies of regions located at Europe’s margins, where new dynamics of power relations are on the rise and the appeal of illiberal ideas and forms of governance is growing. The symposium’s articles give a variety of analytical perspectives on different types, forms, and modalities of regionalism unfolding in the institutional, normative, cultural, and economic spaces where Europe meets its neighbors. The contributors address whether the European Union is losing control over its periphery and to what kind of international order (liberal, illiberal, or both) the emerging new regionalisms are contributing.

Introduction: “Bad Weather” Regionalism and the Post-Liberal International Order at Europe’s Margins by Andrey Makarychev

From Utopian to Distopian Regionalism: A Study of Unfulfilled Expectations in the Baltic Sea Region by Andrey Makarychev

Concluding Analysis by Aliaksei Kazharski and Andrey Makarychev

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