Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring and the Battle for a Free Syria

20 Feb 2020

(TRT World) Operation Peace Spring, which was launched in October 2019, has been in the making for more than four years. By mid-2015, the YPG-PYD’s expanding occupation of the mostly Arab-majority Northern Syria, combined with their deliberate policy of forced displacement of its Arab and Turkmen, but also dissident Kurdish opponents led to a new wave of Syrian refugees entering Turkey. Moreover, the PYD’s occupation of Northern Syria was accompanied by the most deadly wave of terrorist attacks of the last two decades against Turkey by the PKK. Beginning in July 2015, this wave of attacks had claimed the lives of approximately one thousand Turkish citizens by July 2016. Based on these two major motivations, Operation Peace Spring was launched by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the allied Syrian National Army (SNA). 

By all indicators, including a recent survey conducted by Gallup International, Operation Peace Spring appears to have been welcomed by a majority of the region’s Arab population and a significant portion of Kurds. The widespread local Syrian support for Operation Peace Spring is in great part due to Turkey being the only state supporting majority-rule in Syria, an absolutely essential characteristic for a functioning democratic society. [...]

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