Why use "US–Russia Relations: Quest for Stability" in your syllabus?

PONARS Eurasia
22 Jul 2020

(usrussiarelations.org) Full Study Guide: This website is an extensive online resource for educators, students, researchers, and engaged citizens to examine the complex history and current challenges of U.S.–Russian relations, from interference in U.S. elections, to increasing risks of nuclear conflict, to China’s role in shifting the global centers of power and unrest and instability in the Middle East. [DOWNLOAD THE FULL STUDY GUIDE]

Deana Arsenian, vice president of Carnegie Corporation of New York’s International Program states in her website note on “Why Russia Matters”:

“Today, when Russia factors so profoundly in U.S. domestic politics, the U.S.–Russian relationship is at its lowest point since the end of the Cold War. Each country regards the other as an adversary and, at least in intent, as an existential threat.

The predominant view in the United States is that Russia is bent on damaging U.S. interests, undermining the international order, and sabotaging U.S. democracy. The dominant view in Russia is that the United States hampers Russia’s interests, exempts itself from the international rules of engagement, and wishes for “regime change” in Russia. These mutual perceptions are driving military postures and political actions in both countries vis-à-vis each other and their allies.”

Offering an interactive multimedia experience that features interviews with academic experts, U.S. and Russian government officials, policy analysts, journalists and private citizens, as well as published texts, factual analysis, interactive maps, and timelines, the site empowers students to explore the fundamental issues that underpin the relationship between the two nations from the perspectives of the United States and Russia. [...]

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