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PONARS Eurasia 01-15-2021
(Eurasianet) When Joe Biden becomes president of the United States on January 20, he will be surrounded by a foreign policy team with deep experience in the former Soviet Union. But it remains an open question whether Washington will again be able, or even willing, to wield significant influence in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Biden himself has long been one of Washington’s most prominent foreign policy figures, and has a history with this region dating...
PONARS Eurasia 01-13-2021
(Meduza) Allegations that Twitter violated the First Amendment are misguided because the U.S. Constitution only bars state censorship, according to historian Ivan Kurilla. American culture, however, has long endured other means of restricting free speech, like the recent phenomena of “cancel culture” and “extreme political correctness.” Expression today has become tricky because social-media monopolies now control the very “infrastructure of free speech...
PONARS Eurasia 01-13-2021
(Washington Post) Three months after protesters in Kyrgyzstan stormed its main government building, the country's third uprising in 15 years, a convicted kidnapper solidified his grip on power there late Sunday, easily winning a snap presidential election. But he faces a raft of challenges. Populist Sadyr Japarov, 52, secured nearly 80 percent of the vote, according to Kyrgyzstan’s election commission. He had been serving a long prison sentence for...
PONARS Eurasia 12-25-2020
(CivilNet) Political commentator Eric Hacopian wraps up the year of 2020 with Georgi Derluguian, historical sociologist and professor of the New York University at Abu Dhabi.   Read More © CivilNet
PONARS Eurasia 12-21-2020
(RFE/RL) As he does, Russian President Vladimir Putin turned to a Soviet-era pop culture reference to get his message across at one point in his 4 1/2-hour annual press conference on December 17, when responding to the only reporter from a Western country that is not Iceland who got to ask a question. [...] His remarks on the dead-serious matter of Navalny’s poisoning with a Novichok nerve agent seemed to be cast in a surreal, less-than-serious light by...
PONARS Eurasia 12-21-2020
(War on the Rocks podcast) Once the Soviets got the nuclear arsenal Stalin had sought, they had to learn to live with the bomb – and all the dilemmas that came with it. This episode examines how the Soviet Union adjusted to the difficult new reality of being a nuclear power. Leaders like Khrushchev and Molotov struggled to resolve the contradictions of nuclear warfare, while the scientists felt burdened by the emotional impact of what they saw at the...
PONARS Eurasia 12-19-2020
In 2020’s final episode of the PONARS Eurasia Podcast, Maria Lipman chats with Sarah Wilson Sokhey and Ella Paneyakh to discuss Russian social policy in the COVID-19 era, and public perception of Russia’s overall pandemic response. Listen © Blubrry
PONARS Eurasia 12-17-2020
(Global News) While excitement and enthusiasm greeted the Western-developed coronavirus vaccine when it was rolled out, the Russian-made version has received a mixed response, with reports of empty Moscow clinics that offered the shot to health care workers and teachers — the first members of the public designated to receive it. Kremlin officials and state-controlled media touted the Sputnik V vaccine as a major achievement after it was approved Aug. 11...
PONARS Eurasia 12-16-2020
Electoral Authoritarianism in Eurasia: Continuities and Transformations Presented as a part of PONARS Eurasia Fridays, an online event series featuring expert discussions on current events in Eurasia each week. Featuring Kirill Rogov (Liberal Mission Foundation, Russia), Nikolay Petrov (Chatham House, London), Danielle Lussier (Grinnell College), and Igor Okunev (Moscow...
PONARS Eurasia 12-14-2020
In this week's episode of the PONARS Eurasia Podcast, Maria Lipman chats with Julia Yuzbasheva and Maria Danilova to learn more about the proliferation of "conscious parenting" practices in contemporary Russian society. Listen © Blubrry