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Regina Smyth 16 Jan 2020
(The Conversation) Editor’s note: Russia’s prime minister, Dmitry A. Medvedev, and cabinet resigned on Jan. 15. Russian politics are often not what they seem, especially to those in the West. We asked Regina Smyth, a Russia scholar at Indiana University, to help readers understand what’s going on. Read More © The Conversation
PONARS Eurasia 13 Jan 2020
Understanding Electoral Reform in Ukraine: How to Open Party Lists While Keeping Them Closed? Nazar Boyko January 13, 2020   On December 19th, 2019, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada adopted the long-expected Electoral Code, with 330 out of 423 MPs voting positively. Shortly after, it was signed by the president. On January 1, 2020, it took effect. The key feature of the Code is a substantive...
Jessica Pisano 22 Nov 2019
(Monkey Cage) In this week’s impeachment hearings, government officials have been detailing the Trump administration’s alleged attempts to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in congressionally approved aid for Ukraine’s defensive war with Russia unless Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced investigations into President Trump’s political rival. [...] And yet, as some...
Jessica Pisano 15 Nov 2019
(Monkey Cage) The public impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives that started Wednesday focus on interactions between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Trump and Zelensky are both showmen. Many Americans became familiar with Donald Trump in the reality show “The Apprentice.” RSimilarly, long before Zelensky became president in a landslide election,...
Keith Darden 11 Oct 2019
(Monkey Cage) When President Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to open up a case on his political opponent Joe Biden, the only thing unfamiliar about the request from a Ukrainian perspective was that it was coming from a U.S. president. Ukrainian presidents have used their prosecutor generals to prosecute their rivals for corruption since the country...
PONARS Eurasia 25 Aug 2018
(NEW YORK TIMES) Russia’s meddling in the United States’ elections is not a hoax. It’s the culmination of Moscow’s decades-long campaign to tear the West apart. “Operation InfeKtion” reveals the ways in which one of the Soviets’ central tactics — the promulgation of lies about America — continues today, from Pizzagate to George Soros conspiracies. Meet the KGB spies who conceived this virus and...
PONARS Eurasia 06 Jun 2016
(Journeyman Pictures) A Long Absence: The effect of widespread economic migration on the people left behind. Tempted by opportunities in Russia and the EU, one in three Moldovans have migrated to seek work.
PONARS Eurasia 20 Jan 2016
(Al Jazeera English) In October 2015 a presidential election was held in Belarus. It wasn't a convincing contest and few thought that victory would go to anyone other than the man who had ruled the country for the past two decades. With an economy in tatters and a chilling charge list of human rights violations against his name, Alexander Lukashenko has long presided over Europe's closest...