Digital Resources

31 Jul 2017

(i-D) In this episode of Global Street Style, i-D heads to Russia for exclusive backstage access to Gosha Rubchinskiy’s spring/summer 18 show in St. Petersburg, and to meet the prolific post-1991 generation carving out their own future.

21 Jul 2017

(PBS NEWSHOUR) Correspondent Nick Schifrin and producer Zach Fannin take us inside Vladimir Putin's Russia, with an in-depth look at the resurgent national identity, the government's propaganda machine, the risk of being a Kremlin critic and much more.

23 Jun 2017

(VICE) With the situation for LGBTQ Russians becoming increasingly dire under president Vladimir Putin - and the Chechnya region’s recent rise in homophobia - VICELAND's Ian Daniel met with Russian-American activist Lyosha Gorshkov to learn more about why the region became so hostile, and how some have managed to escape.

01 Jun 2017

(AL JAZEERA) For more than two decades, with the sustained if sometimes lukewarm backing of neighbouring Russia, Alexander Lukashenko has governed the Republic of Belarus with an iron fist - in the process earning himself the unfortunate sobriquet of "Europe's last dictator" because of his habit of ruthlessly squashing all dissent.

06 Apr 2017

(DAVID SATTER) Age of Delirium," a documentary by David Satter, tells the story of the fall of the Soviet Union as lived and experienced by the Soviet people.

23 Mar 2017

(VOX) Vladimir Putin has been ruling Russia since 1999. In that time he has shaped the country into an authoritarian and militaristic society. The Soviet Union dissolved into 15 new countries, including the new Russian Federation. In Putin’s eyes, Russia had just lost 2 million square miles of territory. But Putin’s regime has also developed and fostered the most effect cyber hacker army in the world and he’s used it to wreak havoc in the West.

02 Mar 2017

(ALEXEI NAVALNY) The video (with English subtitles) tells the story of the corrupt empire of the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation and the United Russia party Dmitry Medvedev. Some ironically call him pathetic and use «Dimon» instead of his full name. But he is not pathetic.

13 Jan 2017

(DEUTSCHE WELLE) Ukraine's Maidan spirit is being kept alive by a new creative scene in Kyiv, as musicians, fashion designers and artists shake off their Soviet image. 

21 Dec 2016

(HROMADSKE) Transnistria - a thin strip of land between Ukraine and the Dniester River in eastern Moldova where the Soviet legacy remains strong today. Since declaring itself an independent in 1990, the region has operated with its own president, parliament, rules and even currency. Not a single U.N. member has acknowledged its independence - even Russia, a large military and financial contributor to the territory.