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26 Jan 2008

(AL JAZEERA) Azerbaijan has potentially lucrative oil reserves, but opposition politicians say widespread corruption has left revenues from the country's natural resources in the hands of a small number of government allies.

15 Oct 2007

(JOURNEYMAN PICTURES) Kazakhstan's first soap opera, "Crossroads" is no ordinary Programme - it is teaching its viewers to come to terms with life after communism.

26 Jun 2007

(JOURNEYMAN PICTURES) For decades, the Aral Sea has been described as dying and beyond salvation. But now, the water is flowing back, bringing economic revival and hope for the future. Fifty years ago, the Soviets diverted the rivers that fed into the Aral Sea to irrigate crops.

16 Jun 2007

(EURONEWS) Self-proclaimed South Ossetia is insisting on its independence from the former Soviet republic of Georgia, in the Caucasus region. Brussels, Washington, Moscow and Tbilisi are on a diplomatic storm-watch over the impoverished and tiny yet strategically valuable territory.

16 Jun 2007

(EURONEWS) Fifteen years ago, it would have been unimaginable that Estonian soldiers fulfill missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, the small Baltic state hopes to play a "bigger" role in Europe and beyond.

15 Jun 2007

(EU COMMISSION) On 7 November 2006 a memorandum of understanding on energy cooperation was signed between Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliev and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. The agreement is a further indicator of the EU's policy to diversify energy suppliers throughout the region in order to secure supply to the European market.

03 Apr 2007

(ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE FOUNDATION) Fashion Victims? Up to one third of Uzbekistan's workforce is made to labour on cotton farms; denied ownership of the land they work, and forced to labour without reasonable wages they are unable to opt out of cotton cultivation -- those who try are subject to violence, imprisonment and intimidation.

19 Jan 2007

(LIFE IS MY MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT) The Singing Revolution shows how, between 1987 and 1991, hundreds of thousands of Estonians gathered publicly to sing forbidden patriotic songs and share protest speeches, risking their lives to proclaim their desire for independence.

21 Dec 2006

(CHANNEL 4 NEWS UK) Report on the death of Turkmenistan's first president, "Turkmenbashi" Saparmurat Niyazov from 21/12/06. With comments from Global Witness and former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray.