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01 Jul 2006

(JOURNEYMAN PICTURES) Is Russia using Belarus as a proxy agent to sell weapons to regimes like Iran or North Korea? Reports are emerging which paint a disturbing picture.

20 Apr 2006

(BBC) Documentary about the efforts of two young political activists, Murad and Emin, to stage a peaceful revolution in Azerbaijan, a country with a dismal human rights record.

01 Jan 2006

(EESTI KULTUURFILM) The film is using episodes filmed mainly at the Kremlin, Soviet Union's headquarters which enable to have a glance to world's most well-known political kitchen. Director TOOMAS LEPP, author and producer JUHAN AARE.

01 May 2004

(JOURNEYMAN PICTURES) After the dramatic 'Rose Revolution' that saw him to power, will Saakashvili be able to unify his country? The hardest tasks still lie ahead. Vast swathes of the country are outside his control. Having claimed independence, they answer to no one. Everywhere you turn in South Ossetia are signs of Russian influence. The police and soldiers wear Russian uniforms, cars have Russian number plates and the region even runs on Russian time. But technically South Ossetia is part of Georgia.

03 Nov 2003

(BBC) Four-part travel documentary on Central Asia, part of the Holidays in the Danger Zone series, produced and broadcast by BBC Correspondent (now This World). Written and presented by Simon Reeve, It was first broadcast from 3–6 November 2003, on BBC Two, and internationally during 2004 and 2005.

01 Jan 2000

(PRAIRIE PUBLIC) This documentary is the story of the agricultural pioneers whose quest for land and peace led them across several continents and shaped them into a distinctive and enduring ethnic group. This documentary was a finalist in the U.

01 Aug 1998

(JOURNEYMAN PICTURES) The end of the Soviet Union was supposed to end mindless suppression, but in Belarus, some say Stalin's ghost is rising.

01 Sep 1997

(JOURNEYMAN PICTURES) The tiny former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan is on track to become the next nation made rich through oil. Its neighbouring Caspian Sea territory has oil reserves of more than twice the North Sea total. Already $22 billion worth of contracts have been signed with Western oil companies and oil executives are flooding into the capital Baku.

01 Jul 1995

(JOURNEYMAN PICTURES) Credited with the potential to become another Kuwait there is one main stumbling block on Turkmenistan's road to instant wealth; it can't sell its oil to the rest of the world. International sanctions prevent the building of a pipeline through Iran and into Turkey. The USA Ambassador backs up claims that the country has a huge unrealised oil potential.