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The Baltic-Black Sea Connection: A Region in the Making or a Political Project?

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Russia’s border with its immediate European neighbors is shaped through a variety of transborder initiatives, each of which has its own regionbuilding potential. These initiatives lack a single source. Transborder region-building projects sometimes result from European Union policy (as in the case of the Northern Dimension), sometimes are conceived by a non-EU country (as with Norway and its Barents-Euroarctic project), and sometimes are stimulated from outside Europe (as with the United States and the Northern European Initiative). The general question under consideration is the way political space in the immediate vicinity of Russia’s western borders is being reinvented. The Baltic–Black Sea Region (BBSR) is one such section in the chain of region-building initiatives directly affecting Russia. [...]

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Visiting Professor, Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies
University of Tartu, Estonia