Event Videos: U.S.-Russian Relations One Year After the U.S. Election

PONARS Eurasia
13 Nov 2017

To mark the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s election as president, PONARS Eurasia and the NYU-Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia brought together leading experts to assess the state of relations and best roads forward. See the full agenda. The videos links below go to Facebook Video.

Session 1: U.S.-Russian Relations at the Interplay of Foreign and Domestic Policies

The lead-off panel examined different roots of the current crisis, with Arkady Moshes, Vladimir Popov, Kimberly Marten, Polina Sinovets, and Nikolai Petrov taking different positions and seeing different risks ahead. See the video.

Session 2: Points of Contention: Ukraine and Syria

The second panel debated whether progress was possible in resolving the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, featuring Petro Burkovsky, Volodymyr Dubovyk, Ekaterina Stepanova, and Pavel Baev. See the video.  

Session 3: U.S. Sanctions: Underlining Logic, Efficiency, and Impact 

Are the sanctions ultimately effective or should they be discarded? A panel by Mikhail Alexseev, Adam Stulberg, and Timothy Frye presented important new research on this question. See the video (starting at timestamp -1:09).

Session 4: Mutual Perceptions and Mirror Games

Ivan Kurilla, Marlene Laruelle, Alexandra Yatsyk, and Serghei Golunov identified problems of mutual perception and historical memory that complicate relations but may hold keys to improvement. See the video.