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Judyth Twigg 03-18-2019

(PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo) After first exploding among people who inject drugs in the late 1990s, HIV/AIDS now presents a serious public health and social challenge in Russia. The threat was initially mitigated through...

Judyth Twigg 10-04-2014

Нынешний конфликт в Украине воспринимается через призму резкого раскола между Востоком и Западом. В этой аналитической записке делается оценка степени, в которой фактор географических различий сказываются на других элементах жизни сегодняшней Украины, связанных,...

Judyth Twigg 09-09-2014

Today’s conflict in Ukraine hinges on perceptions of a stark East-West political divide. This memo assesses the extent to which geographic variation characterizes other elements of today’s Ukraine, mainly those related to human capital: demography, health, and...

Judyth Twigg 07-23-2012

The dimensions and contours of Russia's health and demographic situation are relatively well known. Beginning in the 1960s, the Soviet Union and now Russia have experienced dramatic declines in population, fertility, and life expectancy, with parallel increases in...

Judyth Twigg 07-23-2012

It is conventional wisdom that Russia’s Muslim population is increasing dramatically relative to Russia’s Slavic population, and that along a variety of demographic indicators its Muslim national groups are...


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