Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
November 2003 323 Putin's State Building Project: Issues for the Second Term Brian Taylor
November 2003 322 Postwar Iraq: Policy Options for Russia Ekaterina Stepanova
November 2003 321 The United States and Russia Today: A Practical Partnership Mikhail Rykhtik
November 2003 320 Russia's Security Agenda vis-a-vis Transatlantic Developments after the War in Iraq Irina Kobrinskaya
November 2003 319 The 2002 Russian Census and the Future of the Russian Population Dmitry Gorenburg
November 2003 318 Putin Reconstitutes Russia's Great Power Status Pavel Baev
November 2003 317 Vostok - 2003 War Games: Preparing to Defend a Nigeria on the Pacific Mikhail Alexseev
November 2003 316 U.S. - Russian Cooperation in Missile Defense: Is It Really Possible? Pavel Podvig
November 2003 315 U.S. - Russian Missile Defense Cooperation: Limits of the Possible Alexander Pikayev
November 2003 314 Iran and Russia - U.S. Non-Proliferation Dialogue Vladimir Orlov
November 2003 313 Missile Defense Cooperation in the U.S. - European - Russian Triangle Alla Kassianova
November 2003 312 In For Life: Leadership Succession in Post-Soviet Central Asia Eric McGlinchey
November 2003 311 U.S. Military Bases in Post-Soviet Central Asia: Economic Lessons from Okinawa Kimberly Marten
November 2003 310 Some Parallels Between Islamic Radicals in Russia and the United States Oleg Kharkhordin
November 2003 309 The Structures of Chechnya's Quagmire Georgi Derluguian
November 2003 308 Khodorkovsky's Gamble: From Business to Politics in the YUKOS Conflict David Woodruff
November 2003 307 The Yukos Affair: Terminating the Implicit Contract Vadim Volkov
November 2003 306 Does Russia Need to Strengthen the Ruble? Accumulation of Foreign Exchange Reserves and Economic Vladimir Popov
November 2003 305 Business and State in the Russian Regions Robert Orttung
November 2003 304 Restructuring of the Russian Electricity Industry: The Proposed Breakup and the Lessons from Abro Mark Kramer
November 2003 303 From the CIS to the SES: A New Integrationist Game in Post-Soviet Space Oleksandr Sushko
November 2003 302 Europe Without Visas: Does Russia Have a Chance Arkady Moshes
November 2003 301 Europe's Eastern Dimension: Russia's Reaction to Poland's Initiative Andrey Makarychev
November 2003 299 U.S. - Ukraine Relations in a Changing Security Environment Volodymyr Dubovyk
November 2003 298 The Role of the United States in the Black Sea Region Volodymyr Dubovyk
November 2003 297 Is a More Democratic Europe Good News for Post-Soviet States? Jeffrey Checkel
November 2003 296 Up for Grabs: Russia's Political Trajectory and Stalin's Legacy Theodore Gerber, Sarah E. Mendelson
November 2003 295 New Round of Elections in Russia: New People, New Technologies... No Choice? Ivan Kurilla
November 2003 294 Political Reform or a Game of Survival for President Kuchma? Olexiy Haran, Rostyslav Pavlenko
November 2003 293 The Bellwether Battle for Bashkortostan (Rage Against the Machine) Henry Hale
November 2003 292 Free but Unfair? The Problems of Electoral Governance in Russia Vladimir Gelman
September 2003 291 The Paradoxes of Kuchma's Russian Policy Olexiy Haran
September 2003 290 The Duma Districts: Key to Putin's Power Henry Hale, Robert Orttung
September 2003 290 The Duma Districts: Key to Putin's Power Henry Hale, Robert Orttung
May 2003 289 Rights and Restraints in Russia's Criminal Justice System Mark Kramer
May 2003 288 Strong Public Support for Military Reform in Russia Theodore Gerber, Sarah E. Mendelson
February 2003 287 Regional Elections under Putin and Prospects for Russian Electoral Democracy Nikolay Petrov
January 2003 286 Why Did Lukoil Really Pull Out of the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli Oilfield? Douglas Blum