Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
December 2008 54 Circassian World: Responses to New Challenges Sufian Zhemukhov
December 2008 53 The Hemshin, Homshetsi, or Hemshinli? Armenian Speaking Muslim People of the Black Sea Region Nona Shahnazarian
December 2008 51 Russian-Ukrainian Relations After the Georgian War Arkady Moshes
December 2008 50 War in Georgia and the 'Russian Card' in Ukrainian Politics Olexiy Haran
December 2008 49 The South Caucasus Corridor after the Russian-Georgian War Nikolai Sokov
December 2008 48 The Russian Black Sea Fleet After the Georgian War Dmitry Gorenburg
December 2008 47 Will Sevastopol Survive? The Triangular Politics of Russia's Naval Base in Crimea Alexander Cooley, Volodymyr Dubovyk
December 2008 47 Will Sevastopol Survive? The Triangular Politics of Russia's Naval Base in Crimea Alexander Cooley, Volodymyr Dubovyk
December 2008 46 Vae Victors: The Russian Army Pays for the Lessons of the Georgian War Pavel Baev
December 2008 45 Alternative Approaches to Black Sea Regional Security: A Ukrainian Perspective Oleksandr Sushko
December 2008 44 Black Sea Security and the Rising Role of Religion Mikhail Rykhtik
December 2008 43 Securitization and Identity: The Black Sea Region as a 'Conflict Formation' Andrey Makarychev
December 2008 42 Towards a Strategic Respite in the Black Sea George Khelashvili
December 2008 41 The Black Sea Region in Russia's Current Foreign Policy Paradigm Irina Kobrinskaya
September 2008 40 The Evolution of Georgian-Russian Sterotypes Georgi Derluguian
August 2008 39 Economic Lures and Ungoverned Territories: Overcoming Warlordism Kimberly Marten
August 2008 38 Social Transformations in Post-Soviet Nagorno Karabakh: Motivations for Migration Nona Shahnazarian
August 2008 37 Energizing the Western Response to Democratic Setbacks in Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia Robert Orttung
August 2008 36 Convergence in Post-Soviet Political Systems?: A Comparative Analysis of Russian, Kazakh, and Ukrainian Parliamentary Elections Nikolay Petrov
August 2008 35 Civil Society in the New Authoritarianism James Richter
August 2008 34 How We Assess Civil Society Developments: The Russia Example Debra Javeline
August 2008 33 Wrestling from Brotherly Hugs: Prospects for Involving Belarus in Regional Energy Cooperation Vitali Silitski
August 2008 32 A Curse or a Blessing?: What to Expect from a Typical Developing Resource-Abundant State Vladimir Popov
August 2008 31 Medvedev's Oil: The Burdens of Great Wealth and the Potential for Coping with Them Andrew Barnes
August 2008 30 Why Young People Turn to Islam in the North Caucasus Sufian Zhemukhov
August 2008 29 Radicalization of Muslim Immigrants in Europe and Russia: Beyond Terrorism Ekaterina Stepanova
August 2008 28 Prospects for Islamic Radicalism and Violent Extremism in the North Caucasus and Central Asia Mark Kramer
August 2008 27 Overcounting Russia's Muslims: Implications for Security and Society Mikhail Alexseev
August 2008 26 The Nanotechnology Revolutions: Looking Beyond the Hype Adam Stulberg
August 2008 25 Russia's New 'State Corporations': Locomotives of Modernization or Covert Privatizations Schemes? Vadim Volkov
August 2008 24 An End to Russian Military Bases in Georgia?: The Implications of Past Military Withdrawals Kornely Kakachia
August 2008 23 Has the Russian Navy Turned a Corner?: Recent Trends in Russian Shipbuilding and Naval Deployments Dmitry Gorenburg
August 2008 22 Medvedev and the Military: Reshuffling as a Preamble for Reform? Pavel Baev
August 2008 21 What's Wrong with Security Cooperation in Eurasia? Mikhail Rykhtik
August 2008 20 On a Collision Course: The EU and Russia Revisit Europe's Recent Past Viatcheslav Morozov
August 2008 19 NATO and Russia After the Bucharest Summit: Is a New Security Agenda Feasible? Andrey Makarychev
August 2008 18 History as an Old-New Political Tool in Eurasia Ivan Kurilla
August 2008 17 Ideological Aspects of Georgian-U.S.-Russian Relations George Khelashvili
August 2008 16 EU-Russian Border Security: Stereotypes and Realities Serghei Golunov
August 2008 15 Enlarging the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Is Iran a Viable Member? Alexander Pikayev
August 2008 14 An Opening in Uzbekistan Eric McGlinchey
August 2008 13 Slowly But Surely?: The European Neighborhood Policy as a New Framework for Transatlantic Integration Arkady Moshes
August 2008 12 Russia's New Euro-Atlanticism Irina Kobrinskaya
August 2008 11 NATO's Role in the Wider Black Sea Area Volodymyr Dubovyk
May 2008 10 'Unrecognized States' in Russia's Domestic and Foreign Policy Irina Kobrinskaya
March 2008 9 Ukraine's NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP) Debates Oleksandr Sushko
March 2008 7 Kosovo's Precedents: The Politics of Sovereign Emergence and its Alternatives Alexander Cooley
March 2008 6 The Political and Legal Parameters of Russian Decisionmaking on Abkhazia and South Ossetia Nikolai Sokov
March 2008 5 The Kosovo Precedent in Russia's Georgia Policy Pavel Baev
March 2008 4 Post-Soviet Realpolitik: Russian Policy After the Color Revolutions Andrey Makarychev
March 2008 3 Two Centuries of Russian-U.S. Relations: Internal Agendas and the Mutual Construction of Images Ivan Kurilla
March 2008 2 Patronage, Islam, and the Rise of Localism in Central Asia Eric McGlinchey
March 2008 1 Interacting through Migration: How Can Russia Benefit and Learn From Its Asian Neighbors? Mikhail Alexseev