Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
September 2012 245 Recognition without Independence: Abkhazia’s International Context Sufian Zhemukhov
September 2012 244 Azerbaijan-Iran Relations: Quo Vadis, Baku? Anar Valiyev
September 2012 243 The Politics of Foreign Intrigue Scott Radnitz
September 2012 242 Coercion in Action: Deterrence and Compellence in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict Sergey Minasyan
September 2012 241 Crossing Borders, Validating Sovereignty: Russia, Georgia, and the WTO Mikhail Alexseev
September 2012 240 Restoring Brotherly Bonds: Turkish-Azerbaijani Energy Relations Suhnaz Yilmaz, Tahir Kilavuz
September 2012 239 Energy Deposits and Contested Maritime Boundaries in Eurasia Robert Orttung, Sascha Langenbach, Andreas Wenger
September 2012 238 The Domestic Limits of International Expansion: Russian National Oil Companies & Global Markets Pauline Jones
September 2012 237 No Correct Price: Recent Energy Negotiations between Russia and China Andrew Barnes
September 2012 236 Will Europe Walk Away from Ukraine? Arkady Moshes
September 2012 235 The EU Transformed: Why Should Russia Care? Andrey Makarychev
September 2012 234 Russkii Mir and the Future of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Olexiy Haran
September 2012 233 Ukraine and the United States: Assessing their Relationship on the Eve of Elections Volodymyr Dubovyk
September 2012 232 Police Reform and Corruption in Georgia, Armenia, and Nagorno-Karabakh Nona Shahnazarian
September 2012 231 Resolving Kazakhstan’s Unlikely Succession Crisis Sean Roberts
September 2012 230 Georgia’s Parliamentary Elections: The Start of a Peaceful Transfer of Power? Kornely Kakachia
September 2012 229 Electoral Laws and Patronage Politics in Ukraine Oleksandr Fisun
September 2012 228 The Syrian Civil War: Transition without Intervention? Ekaterina Stepanova
September 2012 227 Can There Be Common Ground? The Iranian Nuclear Program in the U.S.-Russia Dialogue Polina Sinovets
September 2012 226 The Southern Kuril Islands Dispute Dmitry Gorenburg
September 2012 225 Faking It in Russian Politics Mikhail Troitskiy
September 2012 224 Escalating Uncertainty: The Next Round of Gubernatorial Elections in Russia Gulnaz Sharafutdinova
September 2012 223 “Natsdem”: The New Wave of Anti-Putin Nationalists Marlene Laruelle
September 2012 222 The Twilight of the Vertical: Can a Governor in Volgograd Play a New Game? Ivan Kurilla
September 2012 221 Why “Reputation” Is Irrelevant in Russian Public Politics Serghei Golunov
September 2012 220 Protests Without Leaders: Making Multiple Choices into a Source of Strength Pavel Baev
September 2012 219 The Constraints of Partnerships: China’s Approach to Afghanistan Elizabeth Wishnick
September 2012 218 Drug Trafficking in Central Asia: A Poorly Considered Fight? Sebastien Peyrouse
September 2012 217 Central Asia’s Cold War? Water and Politics in Uzbek-Tajik Relations Shairbek Juraev
September 2012 216 Passive Eagle, Rising Dragon: U.S. Policy toward China’s Rise in Central Asia Alexander Cooley
September 2012 215 Thief or Savior? Contesting Personalism in Russia’s Rallies and Protests Regina Smyth
September 2012 214 Election Observers and Key Constituencies in Russia’s 2011-2012 Election Cycle Graeme Robertson
September 2012 213 Is Russian Society Waking Up? Nikolay Petrov
September 2012 212 The Passive Majority in Russian Politics: Can Quality Beat Quantity? Viatcheslav Morozov
September 2012 211 Bolstering Exchange Programs to Link University Education with Liberal Views in Russia: A Different Perspective on “Democracy Assistance” Theodore Gerber
June 2012 210 Is Kyrgyzstan’s New Political System Sustainable? Shairbek Juraev
June 2012 209 Domestic Dimensions of Armenia’s Foreign Policy: The Karabakh Conflict and Armenia-Turkey Relations Sergey Minasyan
June 2012 208 The Future of Euro-Atlantic Integration in the Western Balkans Harris Mylonas
June 2012 207 Turkey, Russia, and the Arab Spring Ayse Zarakol
June 2012 206 Russia and Germany in Wider Europe: Dynamics of Rapprochment and Alienation Andrey Makarychev
June 2012 205 The West and the Imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko: When is Positive Leverage Not Enough? Sergiy Kudelia
June 2012 204 Polarizing the Country? Yanukovych's Authoritarian Game between Russia and the EU on the Eve of Ukraine's 2012 Parliamentary Elections Olexiy Haran
June 2012 203 In Search of National Unity or International Separation: WWII Era Textbook Narratives in Post-Soviet States Ivan Kurilla
June 2012 202 Legacy and Responsibility in the Post-Soviet Space Yulia Nikitina
June 2012 201 From Blind Love to Strategic Alliance? Baltic-Georgian Relations Revisited Kornely Kakachia
June 2012 200 The Baltic Countries after Two Decades of Independence: Achievements, Setbacks, Internal Challenges Mark Kramer
June 2012 199 The Syria Crisis and the Making of Russia's Foreign Policy Ekaterina Stepanova
June 2012 198 Why Russia Supports Repressive Regimes in Syria and the Middle East Dmitry Gorenburg
June 2012 197 Russian Unions' Political Ambitions after the Elections Robert Orttung, Irina Olimpieva
June 2012 196 Mission Impossible: Modernization in Russia after the Global Financial Crisis Juliet Johnson
June 2012 195 American Lessons: On the Path Toward Russian 'Progressivism' Gulnaz Sharafutdinova
June 2012 194 How Much Can Russia Really Change? The Durability of Networked Authoritarianism Samuel Greene
June 2012 193 Of Jackals and Hamsters: Dividing Lines in Russian Politics and the Prospects for Democratization Viatcheslav Morozov
June 2012 192 The 'Hidden Hand' of External Enemies: The Use of Conspiracy Theories by Putin's Regime Serghei Golunov