Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
December 2013 305 Why Russia Undermines the Norm of Nuclear Disarmament Polina Sinovets
December 2013 304 Russian-Belarusian Relations after Vilnius: Old Wine in New Bottles? Arkady Moshes
October 2013 303 Police Reform in Armenia: Revolution or Evolution? Nona Shahnazarian, Matthew Light
September 2013 302 Beyond United Russia: The Kremlin’s Efforts to Engineer Ruling Majorities Regina Smyth
September 2013 301 Spinning the Spillover: Why NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan Does Not Pose a Threat to Central Asia Scott Radnitz
September 2013 300 Food Security in Central Asia: A Public Policy Challenge Sebastien Peyrouse
September 2013 299 States of Protest in Central Asia Eric McGlinchey
September 2013 298 Revisiting Islamism: A Factor for Democratization in Central Asia? Marlene Laruelle
September 2013 297 Central Asian Military and Security Forces: Assessing the Impact of Foreign Assistance Dmitry Gorenburg
September 2013 296 Russia and the Geopolitics of Natural Gas: Leveraging or Succumbing to Revolution? Adam Stulberg
September 2013 295 How Much Would It Hurt? Exploring Russia’s Vulnerability to a Drop in Energy Prices Andrew Barnes
September 2013 294 How Russia’s Energy "Weapon" Turned into an Oil Pillow and Gas Rattle Pavel Baev
September 2013 293 A Fork in the Road? Ukraine between EU Association and the Eurasian Customs Union Oleksandr Sushko
September 2013 292 Armenia and Georgia: A New Pivotal Relationship in the South Caucasus? Sergey Minasyan
September 2013 291 NATO-Georgia Relations: Will 2014 Bring Anything New? Kornely Kakachia
September 2013 290 Managing the Threat of an Olympics Boycott: International Pressure and Russia’s Response Sufian Zhemukhov
September 2013 289 Sochi 2014: The Political Economy of Russia’s Mega-Projects Robert Orttung
September 2013 288 The Politics of Sports Mega-Events in Russia: Kazan, Sochi, and Beyond Andrey Makarychev
September 2013 287 The China Factor in U.S.-Russia Relations Mikhail Troitskiy
September 2013 286 Three Russian Myths About Iran Polina Sinovets
September 2013 285 How the CSTO Can (and Cannot) Help NATO Yulia Nikitina
September 2013 284 Europe's Disillusionment with Russia Arkady Moshes
September 2013 283 The Unintended Consequences of Russia's Gubernatorial Elections Paul Goode
September 2013 282 Quasi-Feudalism in Higher Education?: Rectors and Politics in Russia Serghei Golunov
September 2013 281 Assigning Blame After Natural Disasters in Russia Elise Giuliano
September 2013 280 Political Protest and Regime-Opposition Dynamics in Russia Mark Kramer
September 2013 279 New Media, Political Information, and Opposition Views in Russia: A Cautionary Note Based on Survey Evidence Theodore Gerber
September 2013 278 Beyond the Polls: Google Queries and Public Protest Volatility in Russia Mikhail Alexseev
September 2013 277 Putin’s Crackdown: Sources, Instruments, and Challenges Brian Taylor
September 2013 276 Civil Society and the Second Putinshchina James Richter
September 2013 275 From a Normal Country to Normal Authoritarianism: The Transformation of the Political Regime in Russia Nikolay Petrov
September 2013 274 A New Explanation for Russian Foreign Policy: The Power of Informal Patronage Networks Kimberly Marten
August 2013 273 Russia’s Elite: What They Think of the United States and Why Eduard Ponarin
August 2013 272 The Energy Factor in Russia’s “Asia Pivot” Andrew Kuchins
July 2013 271 Shale Fever and the Future of Putin’s Russia Gulnaz Sharafutdinova
July 2013 270 “Russia, Davay do Svidaniya”: Entering a New Era in Azerbaijani-Russian Relations Anar Valiyev
July 2013 269 Russian-Armenian Relations: Affection or Pragmatism? Sergey Minasyan
July 2013 268 The Boston Bombings: A Post-Qaeda Take on “Lone Wolves” and “Leaderless Jihad” Ekaterina Stepanova
July 2013 267 Russia, the Baltic Region, and the Challenge for NATO Mark Kramer
July 2013 266 Assured Destruction vs. Low-Intensity Deterrence: Can Russia and the United States Adjust Their Nuclear Postures? Mikhail Troitskiy
July 2013 265 President Yanukovych’s Growing Authoritarianism: Does Ukraine Still Have European Prospects? Olexiy Haran
July 2013 264 Georgia and Russia: From Uneasy Rapprochement to Divorce? Kornely Kakachia
July 2013 263 Russia in a Sea of Rising Powers: The View from Washington, D.C. Ayse Zarakol
July 2013 262 Knowledge, Values, or Pragmatism: How to Build Trust in U.S.-Russia Relations Ivan Kurilla
July 2013 261 The Changing Logic of Russian Strategy in Central Asia: From Privileged Sphere to Divide and Rule? Alexander Cooley, Marlene Laruelle
July 2013 261 The Changing Logic of Russian Strategy in Central Asia: From Privileged Sphere to Divide and Rule? Alexander Cooley, Marlene Laruelle
July 2013 260 Russia: New Player in the South China Sea? Elizabeth Wishnick
July 2013 259 Russia’s Chairmanship of International Organizations: The Questionable Pursuit of Soft Power in Multilateral Settings Andrey Makarychev
July 2013 258 Mediocrity Syndrome in Russia: Domestic and International Perspectives Vladimir Gelman
June 2013 257 The Price of Brotherly Love: What Will Russia Lose From Integrating Ukraine? Sergiy Kudelia
June 2013 256 Currency Wars: Why Russia and China are Rapidly Accumulating Foreign Exchange Reserves Vladimir Popov
June 2013 255 The Ruble and the Yuan: Allies or Competitors? Juliet Johnson
June 2013 254 Kudrin’s Complaint: Does Russia Face a Guns vs. Butter Dilemma? Brian Taylor
June 2013 253 The Russian Military under Sergei Shoigu: Will the Reform Continue? Dmitry Gorenburg
June 2013 252 The Kremlin’s Compulsion for Whataboutisms: Western Experience in the Putin Regime’s Political Rhetoric Serghei Golunov
June 2013 251 “Nationalization of the Elites” and its Impact on Russian Foreign Policy Viatcheslav Morozov
June 2013 250 The Pitfalls of Competing Mediation: What Tajikistan Teaches Us about Syria George Gavrilis
May 2013 249 Afghanistan 2014: Ripe for Revolution? Henry Hale
April 2013 248 Not Everything Is Wrong with Russia's Syria Strategy Pavel Baev
April 2013 247 Will Ukraine Join (and Save) the Eurasian Customs Union? Arkady Moshes
March 2013 246 Academic Integrity in Russia Today: The Political and Social Implications of Thesis Falsification and Education Reform Serghei Golunov, Ivan Kurilla
March 2013 246 Academic Integrity in Russia Today: The Political and Social Implications of Thesis Falsification and Education Reform Serghei Golunov, Ivan Kurilla