Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
September 2014 357 Novorossiya: A Launching Pad for Russian Nationalists Marlene Laruelle
September 2014 356 After the Ukraine-Russia War: Is There a Sustainable Solution? Oleksandr Sushko
September 2014 355 Emotions, Cognition, and the Societal Dynamics of East-West Polarization Gulnaz Sharafutdinova
September 2014 354 Pro et Contra: Views of the United States in Four Post-Soviet States Theodore Gerber, Jane Zavisca
September 2014 353 Ukraine's Future Security: What are the Options? Volodymyr Dubovyk
September 2014 352 Azerbaijan’s Balancing Act in the Ukraine Crisis Anar Valiyev
September 2014 351 Domestic Sources of the Donbas Insurgency Sergiy Kudelia
September 2014 350 The Clampdown on Internet Activities in Russia and the Implications for Western Policy Mark Kramer
September 2014 349 The Ukraine Crisis: Repercussions for Georgia Kornely Kakachia
September 2014 348 Approaches to State- and Nation-Building in Russia’s Ukraine Policy Yulia Nikitina
September 2014 347 How Immigration Aids Russia’s Transformation into an Assimilationist Nation-State Sener Akturk
September 2014 346 Exceptions Prove the Rule: Ukraine, Iraq, and the Fate of International Borders George Gavrilis
September 2014 345 The Crisis in Ukraine and the Baltic Sea Region: A Spillover of the Conflict? Andrey Makarychev
September 2014 344 Ukraine: Trends and Regional Dynamics in Population, Health, and Migration Judyth Twigg
September 2014 343 The Psychological Logic of Protracted Conflict in Ukraine Scott Radnitz
September 2014 342 Countering Color Revolutions: Russia’s New Security Strategy and its Implications for U.S. Policy Dmitry Gorenburg
September 2014 341 The Troubled Rebirth of Political Opposition in Russia Vladimir Gelman
September 2014 340 Russian Foreign Policy: Traditional Vectors in a New Geopolitical Situation Irina Kobrinskaya
September 2014 339 On the Road to 2015: Can Genocide Commemoration Lead to Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation? Sergey Minasyan
August 2014 338 Natural Gas and the Ukraine Crisis: From Realpolitik to Network Diplomacy Adam Stulberg
August 2014 337 Upgrading Russia’s Quasi-Strategic Pseudo-Partnership with China Pavel Baev
August 2014 336 The Poroshenko Phenomenon: Elections and Challenges Ahead Olexiy Haran, Petro Burkovsky
August 2014 335 Look Beyond the Capital: The Geography of Political Openings in Eurasia Kelly McMann
August 2014 334 Unable to Lead, Reluctant to Follow: Russian, Chinese, and Indian Approaches to Balancing and Bandwagoning with the West Mikhail Troitskiy
August 2014 333 Daring to Protest: When, Why, and How Russia’s Citizens Engage in Street Protest Tomila Lankina
August 2014 332 The “Power of Siberia”: No Longer a Pipe Dream Elizabeth Wishnick
August 2014 331 The Implications of Russia’s Law against the “Rehabilitation of Nazism” Ivan Kurilla
August 2014 330 The Long-Term Prospects for Ukraine’s Accession to the European Union: A Focus on EU-Level Constraints Hilary Appel
August 2014 329 Belarus’ Renewed Subordination to Russia: Unconditional Surrender or Hard Bargain? Arkady Moshes
August 2014 328 Russia’s Ethnic Minorities: Putin’s Loyal Neo-Imperial "Fifth Column" Mikhail Alexseev
August 2014 327 Anger and Prejudice after the Beslan School Hostage Taking Debra Javeline
August 2014 326 Beyond Anti-Westernism: The Kremlin’s Narrative about Russia’s European Identity and Mission Marlene Laruelle
August 2014 325 A Great Wall for Russia? The Consequences of Introducing a Visa Regime for the CIS Serghei Golunov
July 2014 324 Ukrainian Nationalism, Soccer Clubs, and the Euromaidan Oleksandr Fisun
June 2014 323 Identity, Nationalism, and the Limits of Liberalism in Russian Popular Politics Samuel Greene, Graeme Robertson
June 2014 323 Identity, Nationalism, and the Limits of Liberalism in Russian Popular Politics Samuel Greene, Graeme Robertson
June 2014 322 Is Georgia’s Orthodox Church an Obstacle to European Values? Kornely Kakachia
May 2014 321 Dangerous Immigrants or Dodgy Perceptions? The Correlation between Immigration and Crime in Russia Serghei Golunov
May 2014 320 Making Sense of Svoboda: Ukraine’s Foremost Nationalist Political Party Volodymyr Dubovyk
April 2014 319 Parting with Asian Balkans: Perceptions of Chinese Migration in the Russian Far East, 2000-2013 Mikhail Alexseev
April 2014 318 The Return of Language Politics to Ukraine Polina Sinovets
April 2014 317 Central Asian Students between Russia and the West Douglas Blum
April 2014 316 The Sochi Olympics and Russian National Identity Dmitry Gorenburg
March 2014 315 The Grey Trade of the EU-Russia Borderlands: Economic Obstacle or Opportunity? Serghei Golunov
February 2014 314 Winning the Hearts of Eastern Partnership States Yulia Nikitina
February 2014 313 From Moscow to Vilnius: Armenia’s New Attempt to Reconcile the Irreconcilable Sergey Minasyan
February 2014 312 Russia’s Policy on International Interventions: Principle or Realpolitik? Yulia Nikitina
February 2014 311 Ukraine’s Long Road to European Integration Olexiy Haran, Maria Zolkina
February 2014 310 The EU in Eastern Europe: Has Normative Power Become Geopolitical? Andrey Makarychev, Andrey Devyatkov
February 2014 309 Azerbaijan’s Elite between Scylla and Charybdis: EU or Customs Union? Anar Valiyev
February 2014 308 The Lobby Hobby: How Small Countries Buy Respect Abroad Scott Radnitz
January 2014 307 Moldova’s (Not So) Troubled Borders George Gavrilis
January 2014 306 Strength Without Kindness: Russia's Persistent Xenophobia and the State Mikhail Alexseev