Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
November 2016 451 Strategic Solidarity: How Central Asia Responds to the Kremlin's Exhortations Scott Radnitz
November 2016 450 How and Why the United States and Russia Can Cooperate on Terrorism Ekaterina Stepanova
November 2016 449 It’s Not All Negative: Russian Media’s Flexible Coverage of Protest as a Regime Survival Strategy Tomila Lankina
November 2016 448 Russia’s Strategic Calculus: Threat Perceptions and Military Doctrine Dmitry Gorenburg
November 2016 447 Mistrust Sets Low Ceiling for Russia-China Partnership: Deconstructing the Putin-Xi Jinping Relationship Pavel Baev
November 2016 446 Russian Patriotism without Patriots? Interviews (in Perm and Tyumen) Reveal the Limitations of Patriotic Education Paul Goode
October 2016 445 The Need to Massage Egos: Status Politics as a Crucial Element of US-Russia Relations Mikhail Troitskiy
October 2016 444 Turkey and Russia, Erdoğan and Putin Ayse Zarakol
October 2016 443 Russia’s Use of Military Force as a Foreign Policy Tool: Is There a Logic? Samuel Charap
October 2016 442 Counter-Radicalization Policies in Central Asia: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly George Gavrilis
September 2016 441 Restructuring Extractive Economies in the Caspian Basin: Too Little, Too Late? Natalie Koch, Anar Valiyev
September 2016 441 Restructuring Extractive Economies in the Caspian Basin: Too Little, Too Late? Natalie Koch, Anar Valiyev
September 2016 440 Lukashenko’s “Drift To The West”: Why Moscow Should Not Be Worried Arkady Moshes
September 2016 439 Is Russia Coming to Terms with China’s “Silk Road”? Irina Kobrinskaya
August 2016 438 Russia’s 2016-2018 Election Cycle: Popular Engagement and Protest Potential Regina Smyth
August 2016 437 Correction of Errors: How the Kremlin Re-Equilibrated Authoritarian Elections in 2016 Vladimir Gelman
August 2016 436 Ukraine’s New Government: Possibility of Progress or Another Pre-Term Election in Sight? Olexiy Haran, Oleksii Sydorchuk
August 2016 435 Russia “Understanders” in Europe: Discourses, Communication, Consequences Andrey Makarychev, Stefano Braghiroli
July 2016 434 Russia’s “Sovereign Globalization”: Insulation, Influence, and Decline Nigel Gould-Davies
July 2016 433 The Failed Coup Attempt in Turkey: What We Know So Far Ayse Zarakol
July 2016 432 Everyday Patriotism and Putin’s Foreign Policy Paul Goode
June 2016 431 The Tale of Three Legitimacies: The Shifting Tone and Enduring Substance of Moscow’s Ukraine Policy Mikhail Alexseev
June 2016 430 The Kremlin’s Arctic Plans: More Gutted than Grand Sergei Medvedev
May 2016 429 The “Return of Stalin”: Understanding the Surge of Historical Politics in Russia Ivan Kurilla
May 2016 428 Does North Korea Have a Place in Russia’s “Turn to the East”? Serghei Golunov
April 2016 427 Negotiation in a Stealth Conflict: The Pros and Cons of Plausible Deniability Mikhail Troitskiy
April 2016 426 How Washington Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Eurasian Integration Jeffrey Mankoff
March 2016 425 U.S.-Russia Nuclear Lab-to-Lab Cooperation: Looking Back on a Quarter Century of Constructive Relations Alla Kassianova
March 2016 424 What Russia's Military Operation in Syria Can Tell Us About Advances in its Capabilities Dmitry Gorenburg
March 2016 423 Russia’s Syrian Campaign: Strategic Gambit or Regional Zugzwang? Sergey Minasyan
March 2016 422 Will Europe Blink First on Ukraine? Arkady Moshes
February 2016 421 Russia’s Policy on Syria after the Start of Military Engagement Ekaterina Stepanova
February 2016 420 Can Russia’s Peace Plan for Syria Work? George Gavrilis
February 2016 419 Does Islam Challenge the Legitimacy of Uzbekistan’s Government? Sebastien Peyrouse
February 2016 418 Foreign Policy Consequences of Homegrown Eurasian Nationalism Eric McGlinchey
January 2016 417 Is There A Non-West for Russia to Lead? Keith Darden
January 2016 416 Misinterpreting Nationalism: Why Russkii is Not a Sign of Ethnonationalism Marlene Laruelle
January 2016 415 Housing and Political Grievances in Post-Soviet Eurasia Theodore Gerber, Jane Zavisca
January 2016 414 What Is the Meaning of “National” in the Russian Debate about the National Interest? Viatcheslav Morozov
January 2016 413 “Here Is Not Maidan, Here is Marshal Baghramian”: The “Electric Yerevan” Protest Movement and Its Consequences Nona Shahnazarian
January 2016 412 The Limits to Russian Soft Power in Georgia Andrey Makarychev
January 2016 411 Decommunization in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine: Law and Practice Oxana Shevel
January 2016 410 Why No “Water Wars” in Central Asia? Lessons Learned from the Aral Sea Disaster Natalie Koch